Comme Un Roi, an elegant, refined and avant-garde brand

The French are crazy about their pets, which in a few years have become the subject of all the attention. Nothing is too beautiful or too good for them. “Pet parents” want practical, smart, trendy products that respect the well-being of their fur balls.

The young high-end French brand for dogs and cats Comme Un Roi puts the well-being of our peers at its priority. Bérangère Lamboley, the creator of the brand, invited to our set, reveals to Yves Lahiani the special conditions of her “baby”.

Why did you launch the Comme Un Roi brand in an already fragmented market?

Comme Un Roi is more than a brand. It is a modern and ultra premium concept, a lifestyle with its animals, which is based on current “human” trends (well-being, quality, fashion, Made in France and Europe). A 360 * concept that can offer dogs and cats several segments under the same brand (food, accessories, cosmetics, small furniture). Products made in France and Europe of high quality, affordable and above all focused on animal welfare. Two years of reflection and research to launch this unique concept. In a few months, Comme Un Roi now has 250 references, a website, already good references, an active community on social networks, its presence at animal events.

How does Comme Un Roi want to be an ethical brand?

Our beliefs: the environment, our social responsibility.

Comme Un Roi is committed to the approach of a responsible actor. We are looking for the best CSR balance. All our products are made in France and in Europe. We work with our own French designer, who is looking for new trends and materials. Our products are certified (food and cosmetics) and checked for their quality and working conditions, each for their specificity. Our meat (except New Zealand lamb) and fish come from Europe and are traced to Petfood, some of which is organic (certified AB). Unique recipes for our grain-free croquettes: 60% fresh meat, supplemented with 20% dehydrated meat (on average), with prebiotics and probiotics.

Our cans and trays can be recycled. Cosmetics are French (including packaging and bottles). The accessories are delivered in cardboard boxes with minimal packaging.

Masters, animals, collaborators, finally everyone is happy as a king?

Finally yes! We are a start-up company with great agility and good listening. Regardless of age or qualifications, everyone has their place. The most important thing is to love animals. Development in the animal world, the presence of animals in our workplace is more than obvious. Special rooms have been set up to facilitate the reception of our employees’ dogs and cats. In 2021, our Petfriendly Trophy (in the business category) makes our beliefs and our desire to move forward with the best products for our faithful companions even more legitimate.


Comme Un Roi: Croquettes for adult dogs and neutered cats

Comme Un Roi offers top-of-the-range food for dogs and cats without grains, based on 60% fresh meat or fish, supplemented with 20 to 25% dehydrated meat. These European-made foods are made with one or two types of protein to limit allergies, supplemented with low-glycemic apples, pumpkins, peas and sweet potatoes. Natural prebiotics and probiotics complete the composition of the croquettes to help the digestive and immune system. These foods are GMO-free, colorless, preservative-free and soy-free.

Cat pills are adapted to their fragile urinary tract and help regulate weight.

  • Website:
  • Sale: garden centers and pet stores and at Animalis
  • Price: € 25.95 for a 2 kg bag for neutered cats € 19.95 for a 1.5 kg bag for medium-sized adult dogs

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