Discover the new map of priority areas in Poitou

The National Board of Health has updated its list of municipalities that will benefit from help in attracting doctors. A new zoning that relieves Deux-Sèvres but disappoints Charente.

They would have done well without this trophy, these municipalities turned orange on the new map of the regional health authority. “Enter in ZIP, summarizes Patrick Baudry, Mayor of Saint-Maixent-l’Ecole, means we are in a catastrophic situation. But it is an extra asset to try to remedy this medical desertification.

ZIP, for priority intervention zone. Not to be confused with ZACs (complementary action zones), TVS (life and health territories), ZRRs (rural revitalization zones), AFRs (regional purpose zones) or even ZFU-TEs (free zones urban territory-entrepreneur). .. So many acronyms full of good will to revitalize the territories, as a collection of significant help to convince young doctors to move away from big cities: installation contract, envelope of 50,000 euros or exemption from 5 years income tax …

We have worked for 2 years with ARS, which studies medical demography, they have a ratio and bring the municipalities in or out … Which are in competition.

Stéphane Baudry, Mayor of Saint-Maixent-l’Ecole

Saint-Maixent has therefore just entered this alarm zone, with its 8 doctors to 20,000 inhabitants. Too bad for her neighbors who do not want to take advantage of manna, “yes this ZIP is a financial plus,“admits Patrick Baudry. Who sees in the choice of ARS a support for his efforts: The municipality has joined forces with about forty health professionals grouped together, for”create an innovative health center, with slightly different practices, while being attractive.

Its neighbor Parthenay, La Motte-Saint-Heray, has also just been classified as ZIP, in a vast medical desert stretching to the Thouars. “And missworries Patrick Baudry, are they there? For there would also be a real need... “Melle is not there. No more than Ruffec, Mansle, in Charente or Confolens, which was the ZIP in the last version of the map 3 years ago.

We could classify the whole Charente in ZIP“, sighs the chairman of his branch council,”even the whole of France“.

Desperate for doctors, it’s all territory!

Philippe Bouty, President of the Charente Branch Council

Confolens has lost its brand as it now has a hospital nursing home, “small bandage that does not etch the wound“, sums up Philippe Bouty. Same punishment for the neighboring town of Chabanais, whose mayor Claude Baron could not discuss it with ARS:”they rightly informed us that they were writing us off. We’re going to be in a difficult situation, especially since we have two doctors approaching retirement. There is one left who comes a few half days a week and a doctor who has arrived from Cape Verde“, precisely thanks to the ZIP aids.

It is still necessary to successfully install these doctors when they come from abroad: more than a year of procedure for this Cape Verdean doctor before his diploma is recognized … The Charente Department Council had the project to bring more nurses from Cuba, but also their file is blocked, Philippe Bouty sighs: “we are facing a wall! And I’m not talking to you about all these public health institutions (EPCIs) that have made large investments and are standing on empty shells, because it requires a minimum of 2 doctors to be approved and they only have them.

There are still the small hospital structures to provide care that can not attract GPs – this is how Patrick Baudry comforts himself: “nat least we have an excellent network thanks to our regular hospital and its 5 local centers, which many departments can envy us“.

3.74 million inhabitants of New Aquitaine (62.8%) out of the 5.9 million in the region benefit from the new zoning, ie 720,000 additional inhabitants (+ 12%) compared to the previous zoning in 2018.

ARS of New Aquitaine

ARS for New Aquitaine details, department by department, what motivated this new mapping. With the emphasis on Vienne, on Châtellerault and Lussac-les-Chateaux; for Deux-Sèvres, projects honored in bressuirais bocage or Gâtine. In this section, the majority of elected representatives and professionals “the hearer gave a positive opinion“, the regional health authority insists … When you are in Charente, the mayor of Chabanais states,”all elected representatives denied this new distribution“. Confirmation by the Chairman of the Chamber Council:”we all signed a letter to ARS, this zoning does not suit us at all! But we have not received an answer.

At least, Claude Baron concludes, “it is not a zone map that solves everything: the university is called to the rescue, but the shortage will increase further with the number of doctors retiring! That is also what raises the extremes ”.

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