First aid: eight tips from a trainer for caring for cats and dogs

Discomfort, suffocation, bleeding … Accidents also happen to cats and dogs. Lauriane Boussac, trainer and naturopath, provides first aid training for cats and dogs in the Center-Val de Loire region.
It was an accident that made her want to do this training: “My dog ​​had been strangled, she says. Despite my experience, I did not know what to do.”
The first training in Vierzon took place on Saturday. Lauriane Boussac gives you some advice on applying for your animals.

Do not put your hand in the animal’s mouth

“In case of cramps, it is important not to put your hand in the animal’s mouth. In fact, the power of the jaw is tenfold. The animal can cut its tongue and cut off your fingers. »

2. Select appropriate toys

Masters and mistresses must choose a toy that is adapted to the animal’s mouth. The toy should be much larger so he does not swallow it. Otherwise the animal will suffocate. I recommend going to an educator who will help you choose the right toy. »

3. Keep calm

“The more we panic, the more we will transfer our stress to the animal. If the animal gets cramps, it does not help to calm it down.”

4. Pay attention to heat stroke response.

“You should not cool your animal with a garden hose. The water is too cold and it can create a thermal shock. I advise you to wet a towel and lay the towel on your stomach where there is the least hair. »

5. Not to leave your dog in the car.

“We have to stop leaving dogs in the car, even if it’s not hot outside. When a car is parked in direct sunlight at 20 ° C, the inside temperature can reach 45 ° C … “

6. Train in first aid

“Get trained! I teach first aid for animals, but so does Civil Protection. What to do in an emergency, the cause of seizures … We cover many topics during training.”

7. Call the vet

“In an emergency, you must call the vet. Even after learning the first aid movements, the result is always the vet. »

8. Do not massage yourself without exercise

“We must avoid massaging the dog or cat when we are not trained. Do not perform cardiac massage on an animal that has a beating heart. You need to train to learn to take the pulse. »

Benoit Morin

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