In the parliamentary elections Macron and Philippe as pottery dogs

POLITICS – “No constituency for Horizons, they are idiots”. No, Emmanuel Macron did not insult Édouard Philippe and his troops in light of tensions caused by the parliamentary elections, assured Friday, April 29 at. HuffPost entourage of the head of state that brings a firm and direct denial of this anecdote told by Europe 1. Really or not, this soap opera testifies to the harmful atmosphere that prevails between the macronists and the philippines in the light of the month of elections June.

These are the allegations made by the mayor of Le Havre and his Horizons party, which in the eyes of the tenant of the Élysée would be far too high and above all revealing of the former prime minister’s personal ambitions, which are internally suspected of wanting. to create a tailor-made political space for the 2027 presidential election.

Result, names of birds exchanged with “offs” inserted. Illustration again this Monday in The Parisian, in which a person close to the President of the Republic speaks of “Philippine taqiya”, referring to the practice of dissimulation that jihadists advocate before committing an attack. Vibe. But how did they get there? A look in the rearview mirror is a must.

Since the creation of his Horizons party in October, Édouard Philippe has given the impression of playing his own music, despite an alleged and repeated loyalty to Emmanuel Macron, for whom he campaigned (in his own way) during the presidential election. However, an independent party needs funding and elected representatives to establish itself sustainably.

“We need to find something that binds us without it being war.A minister at HuffPost

If Horizons can count on many mayors, some of whom are influential, such as Christian Estrosi (Nice) or Christophe Béchu (Angers), the deadline for parliamentary elections is crucial, as Emmanuel Macron theoretically counts on an extended majority on his right as on his left in this second five-year period.

To ensure the sustainability of his party, the former prime minister is betting on the nomination of at least 50 candidates, the limit from which a political party is eligible for public funding. With the option of electing about thirty deputies, which would at least allow Horizons to have its own group.

Avoid the rascals

It is at this point, however, that Havre’s mayor’s ambitions run counter to Emmanuel Macrons, who, marked by the episode with the crooks under François Hollande, has no desire for his action to be parasitized by too noisy sensibilities.

“We need to find something that binds us without it being war. We must consolidate the center and let the sensitivities be expressed, left as well as right, without it becoming a mess: a symphony orchestra and not a cacophony “, a minister familiar with the negotiations recently said.

It remains to delimit the space from which Édouard Philippe and his troops could benefit within this majority. An equation made even more complicated by the cohort of LR deputies ready to join Emmanuel Macron, without necessarily going through the airlock that Horizons could constitute. Especially since Macronie has set a red line: do not touch outgoing deputies.

Between an LR alternate and us, what’s the place for the Horizons candidate?Advisor for Executive, on “HuffPost”

But the former prime minister’s party is apparently not going to settle for conquest circles. Illustration with the 5th constituency in Morbihan, where the current LREM deputy, Gwendal Rouillard, is not running. Without waiting for national agreements, Ploemeur Mayor Ronan Loas has launched for Horizons, while another potential candidate, Lysiane Métayer, is seeking the nomination of the presidential majority with the support of Jean-Yves Le Drian. A place to see …

On the contrary, Macronie does not seem willing to give the slightest gift. As Jean-Michel Blanquer’s candidate in the Loire’s 4th constituency, where the outgoing LR, Jean-Pierre Door, elected since 2002, does not represent himself. Problem: Christophe Bouquet, local rapporteur for Horizons has also applied. IN Center of the Republic this Monday, he considers this “abracadabranteske” parachute jump “incomprehensible”.

Apart from Christophe Béchu in Angers, who do they have at Horizons?An advisor to the management at “HuffPost”

Various points of tension that explain the attacks that have been reported here and there in the press in recent days. But could they become real divisions, to the point of seeing Horizons candidates face LREM? Nearby HuffPostan executive adviser at the end of last week doubted Edouard Philippe’s party’s ability to cross that line: “I can not really see their interest in leaving alone, between an LR deputy and us, what is the place of Horizon’s candidate?” .

While the Philippine formation tends to claim to be more locally rooted than the presidential party is often described as not very established in the territory, the same nuance is: “except for Christophe Béchu in Angers, who do they have?”

On the Horizons side, while tensions have risen a notch in recent days, the time has now come for reconciliation. “We never respond to that kind of thing. These are reported comments that seem very hazy. It is not a problem ”, assures the entourage of Edouard Philippe, while the dialogue is not broken between the different teams.

A few days ago, Édouard Philippe and Richard Ferrand met to discuss this difficult issue. The former prime minister even had lunch at the head of state’s table with François Bayrou on Wednesday, April 27, reports The world. How can tensions be relieved and divisions avoided? A source close to the talks will still believe it: “the discussions are progressing, then, at what pace, that’s another thing”.

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