Nantes winery. Nature celebrates its return on May 7 in Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine

Constance Coudrin from Grand Diversion through the Remouille Resource Center, Dominique Duval from Amap in Aigrefeuille sur Maine and Maryse Gobin from Mon Agglo zero waste (from left to right).
Constance Coudrin from the Grand Diversion Resource Center in Remouille, Dominique Duval from Amap in Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine and Maryse Gobin from Mon agglo zero déchet presented this new edition of Faire nature. © HSM

The Faîtes nature event is organized by a collective consisting of about fifteen actors with a focus on conservation of the environment. Local associations such as Amap through the way of eating, My agglo zero waste, which regularly organizes cleaning marches in the streets of Aigrefeuille and Château-Thébaud or the resource center “Le grand diversion” in Remouille, which raises awareness of alternatives to conventional consumption.

Zero waste workshops, plant exchange trade and bicycle repair

Today’s program will be rich and varied, of course around preserving the environment. We find there workshops “to learn to do things yourself. It is often zero waste and with very few ingredients. It is therefore good for the planet and health.” We can therefore learn to make our household products such as tablets for the dishwasher or our solid shampoo.

There will also be a market, without the exchange of currency : swap plants and seeds. “Anyone can come up with plans or seeds and go with others. Someone who knows the plants well will be there to advise,” comments Dominique Duval, from Amap d’Aigrefeuille.

And just because you have nothing does not mean you can not get away with it, because gardeners tend to be more successful with some things than others.

Generally, about fifty people participate in the exchange of “herbs, vegetable plants, flowers, even shrubs”. It is not necessary to sign up.

Will also be present a bicycle workshop offers diagnostics and repair of two-wheeled vehicles. Including “electric.” There is no reason, because there are many common things, ”assures Dominique Duval. The workshop only takes place in the morning from 10.00 to 12.30.

Art and games for children

There will also be art workshops, where you can practice painting on wood, Matisse-style collage or weaving on wood. From entertainment for children There are also plans for angling (free price) with “items from the Resource” in play. This is not a plastic pistol that lasts half an hour before it breaks, ”assures Constance Coudrin. “Another game, Adopt a Pet. It is a game where you pull a thread in which a hug can hang up ”.

gifts for mothers

Approaching mother’s DayMay 29, sets for sale are also offered:

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We will remelt used candles to make new ones instead of throwing everything in the trash. We will also offer makeup remover cotton made from old terry towels and fleece from bathrobes. Not to mention shampoo sets and jewelry made from old charms …

A film for attention

Via the association Mon Agglo Zero Déchet you can also discover everything about waste management, including showing a movie which was filmed at the Cholet Reprocessing Center (Valor3e), which is targeted at recyclable waste from the Clissonnaise urban area. Sorting is not always easy, the idea is to ask “people how to buy things, to find out if they can not go more towards products with less packaging, whose sales in bulk. It is at least possible to do things differently, ”assures Dominique Duval.

Farm visits

Finally departing from Les Richardières at 16. a walk followed by a visit to the Pâtis farm, located in Saint-Lumine-de-Clisson is proposed. The purpose of this visit “is to make people discover what organic meat farming is. What does it mean in terms of cultivation, in terms of respecting the hedges so that there is shade … All this to restore a little bit of connection between consumer and producer ”.

Be nature on Saturday 7 May from 10:00 to 17:00 in the Parc du Plessis in Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine. Information:

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