Top 10 animals that do their business in a very strange way, we can not believe it

Welcome to Topito Nature, the place where animals are laughed at for no particular reason. In this episode, we decided to judge the way different animals pee and pee (because puddles are still a lot of fun) and you will be surprised to discover the habits of our animal friends.

1. Bats roll over to pee

Bats spend most of their time hanging upside down. We therefore have a right to wonder how they do to meet their needs. Thanks to this video, you will be able to observe the perfect acrobatics of this animal to turn around and pee without breaking it.

2. Butterflies do not poke (but larvae do)

Butterflies that live only a few days (or even a few hours, just enough time to reproduce) do not feed and therefore do not defecate. In return, they had plenty of time to pee when they were larvae. The larvae spend most of their time eating and defecating continuously or almost continuously. When a large group of larvae are in the same place, the sound of their feces can be heard.

3. Hangiraffer tastes the urine of hungiraffer

Giraffes are strange sleeping animals, but also have some bad flirting habits. To know if one she is interested in having sex, the hangiraffe will simply taste her urine. If he picks up certain pheromones, he will know that the female is receptive and will follow her until she accepts sex.

Termites use their feces to build their nest

If you’ve never wondered how termites live, you might be a little surprised. These little creatures use their feces to build their nest. It sounds disgusting to say the least, but since termites only live on wood and leaves, their excrement is the perfect material for building an insect hut.

5. Hedgehogs pee from a tree on the females they will seduce

Female hedgehogs are only fertile half a day a year, and during the 12 hours they release pheromones to attract a male. After proving his strength by fighting with other males, the hedgehog flirts with the female by peeing on her from the branches of a tree. The class.

Ants have a very specific area for the entire colony’s toilet

The strange thing about the way ants do their business is that they do just like us. In an anthill, there are very specific areas where one can make feces, and the whole colony respects these rules. In fact, the ants have shared toilets and no one makes fun of themselves by saying “there are too many people I have to pee outside”.

7. Adélie penguins drive their feces as far as they can

The Adélie penguin is a very, very bizarre sparrow. Aside from having strange animal sexual practices, the Adélie penguin does not fuck like everyone else. To avoid endangering their offspring, Adélie penguins never leave their nest during the incubation period. The thing is, they are pretty clean birds, and since they do not want to soil their nest, they have developed a very special technique for defecating. They squat, lift their tails and drive their feces as far out of the nest as possible. Researchers have shown that the maximum propulsion of this penguin cut can reach a distance of 1m34.

8. Spider mites use their excrement to protect their webs.

The spider mite is a downright yucky mite species that uses its feces to block access to its spiders. Spider mites feed on plants and weave webs around the stems, and to protect themselves from any surrounding predators, they spread feces at the ends of the webs. Nums nams.

9. The Chinese softshell turtle, a species of turtle, urinates through its mouth.

The Chinese softshell turtle is a turtle species with a strange waste disposal mechanism. Instead of evacuating all feces through the sewer like other turtles, the softshell turtle gets rid of urea through its mouth. According to researchers in Singapore, it would be a way to dilute it for salt water that she has to swallow while swimming in brackish water.

10. Cats peeing AT the side of the litter box

They do it on purpose, it’s obvious. Fortunately, they are cute …

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