Trail, mountain bike, kayak, nature raid … Four great sporting challenges to take up!

On land, on the water or in the air, Greater Besançon offers a large playground for outdoor activities. The six “Grandes Heures Nature” ambassadors – all top athletes – will say nothing else. This year, the festival offers four major challenges so you can outdo yourself, alone or in a team before you find yourself in a friendly atmosphere near the entertainment village.

When marathons become a team sport

Friday the 24th of June opens the big sports weekend in Grandes Heures Nature with Ekiden, a discipline from Japan, thanks to which marathon becomes a team sport! In fact, the distance of 42,195 km is covered in a team relay of two to six runners. Whether it is with family, friends or colleagues (see box), a team can be mixed or not and can include participants of all ages (from 16 years). The event is open to 150 “general public” teams and 50 “business” teams (registration required).

Path and road

As for the course, there will be something for everyone, whether you are a road or trail lover. On the menu, three loops that allow participants to cross natural landscapes and the center of Besançon: one of 5 km on the road with 110 m altitude difference (must be covered three times), the other of 10 km in tracks with 340 m of vertical fall (twice) and a third of 7.2 km mixed path / road with 250 m vertical drop (only once). The start is started at 19:00, enough to enjoy the sunset over the hills and to complete the race, in the evening, in the entertainment village of Chamars. After the effort, a guinguette will extend the evening by keeping in mind that being together is also a team sport.

SEDIA – TERRITORY 25: “ Ekiden allowed us to create links within the company »

In addition to the sporting and festive dimension of the event, participation in Ekiden helps to strengthen the company’s cohesion, as noted by Fabrice Koeller, Deputy General Manager of Sedia – Territoire 25.

During the first edition of Ekiden, in 2019, we thought about joining a team and telling ourselves that some people would have to do more relayshe explains. Eventually, we created three teams with 18 participants, who trained in weekly sessions. These excursions made it possible to create a bond. Some runners have also discovered the unique playground that Besançon offers, a stone’s throw from the city center. For D-Day, the teams were created with a goal of cohesion rather than achievement. Colleagues also came to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and support our teams. Therefore, we had to stand on the starting line again on June 24th. »

Great mountain bike ride: on the menu, 195 km and 4,000 m elevation gain!

There is a new child in the family of mountain bike loops marked by Grand Besançon. And it’s a beautiful baby, as it’s a loop that stretches over 195 km and 48 cities! Grandes Heures Nature honors it with a Grand Tour VTT in two stages, on June 25th and 26th. An event reserved for experienced mountain bikers …

Bivouac and physio

The first stage – 98 km – will leave Chamars in Besançon at 8 towards Amagney and then Geneuille for one night in a bivouac. Next day departure will be at. 7.15 towards Busy, then return to Besançon. The event is open to mountain bikes, gravel bikes or electric mountain bikes (limited to 30 seats). The registration fee, € 95 per. person, includes transport of tents and bags, 3 meals, breakfast, supplies, mechanical assistance and a physiotherapy area.

If the adventure tempts you over a longer period, you can always take advantage of the summer to go on the Grand Tour with family or friends over four, five or six days. Throughout the route, about twenty accommodations suitable for mountain biking will allow you to prepare for your stages. For the physio session, check with your teammates …

RandO’Kayak, summer on a gentle slope

With its 12km long track between Chalèze and Chamars, RandO’Kayak will literally change your view of the Doubs Valley. The ideal opportunity to disconnect and (re) discover landscapes whose riches are presented in a roadbook, which is given to the participants. Between lush nature and heritage built by Unesco, let yourself be carried away by Doub’s rhythm … and by your arms! Occurs
June 26 (departure at 13.30), the hike will take place in pairs with a registration fee of € 40 per. couples, including rental of a two-seater canoe, vests, paddles, insurance and service of shuttle bus. Remember that sailing on a canoe can also be a good way to test your relationship with your partner …

RAIDS X’PERIENCES, a duo race in a fun and sporty spirit

Canoeing, trail running, mountain biking, orienteering … Why choose? Thanks to Raids X’Périences, you can embark on a multisport event on June 25 through the vast open spaces around Besançon.

Sponsored by SMCI, this pair race – which also includes surprise activities to spice up the course – will be available in two versions with brand new routes: a “Discovery” course to learn about the raid (25 km, from 16 years old)) and a “adventure” to surpass yourself (50 km, from 18 years).

The start of the Raid Découverte will be from the Chamars promenade at 13.30. The participants in the Raid Aventure depart from Châtillon-le-Duc at 9.00 (with shuttle and bicycle transport from Chamars).

Registration for couples: € 25 for the “Discovery” course (€ 40 after May 24) and € 45 for the “Adventure” course (€ 60 after May 24).

Assemble your team and get ready to live a unique X’Périence!


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