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Baugnac ecolodges are housed in an old farm and have been cultivating their environmental access since 2007. In the heart of the Girou hills, there is talk of a medical garden, cooking in solar energy or the production of natural beauty products …

Sandrine Bazzo and Franck Terras have built their new universe step by step from the hand-assembled terracotta and railing walls to the medicine garden and orchard that pass the Canadian well or the heating on the wall. When they bought an old Lauragaise farmhouse in 2002, abandoned for fifteen years in the Baugnac area of ​​Lavalette municipality, the idea of ​​restoring it was in line with “old” techniques for them. A proof. “We raised the walls, made frames and carpentry, but for the rest it is us, with the advice of an architect. We renovated the old house in ruins and its barn with healthy materials and authentic, raw soil, terracotta, lime and wood, after “bioclimatic rules, reuse everything that was on the site. The raw soil, for example, was used to make coatings for the interior”, explains the owner of the premises.

Five years of work

Five years of work led in 2007 to the opening of two eco-lodges for two and four people, which offer much more than simple accommodation. For passing visitors, a stay in Baugnac is also an opportunity to learn about a lifestyle that is more respectful of the environment and at the same time enjoy the benefits of nature. The adjoining homes actually provide access to a raised garden where they can gather thyme, rosemary, verbena, spicy or even laurel sauce.

Nature workshops

Sandrine Bazzo also provides guided tours of the medical garden she landscaped on the other side of the rented portion of the building. It is in this space, where plants are grown in a mandala, by use and function, that she draws the raw material for her Herbal Workshops. You can train with him in the manufacture of cosmetics and natural make-up, learn how to make his cleaning products, his craft soaps and his vegetable dyes or even start wild cooking. “My workshops are organized according to the same approach. I start by detailing the properties and virtues of the different plants, and then I explain how to transform them and what vegetable oils to use to macerate them. From these oily macerates show I use the formulation techniques to get conditioner, ointments or creams “. For his part, Franck Terras takes care of his kitchen garden without forgetting to make it for the benefit of his guests.

From the gîtes, the small region of Coteaux du Girou, at the gates of Toulouse and Tarn, reveals its hilly landscapes. They cross Verfeil, an ancient Cathar city that rises in the heart of the historic pastel triangle. You can access its medieval streets at three monumental brick entrances, Porte Vavaise, Porte Tolosane and finally Porte du Loup, whose name is inspired by the noise of the autanwind as it whizzes through it. . Verfeil was also the residence of the Countess of Ségur, the author of Little Girls Models. Real characters, Camille and Madeleine de Malaret, cousins ​​of the mischievous Sophie, often came there and were buried in the small cemetery in Saint-Sernin-des-Rais. A relaxing place, 2 km from Verfeil, which offers a beautiful view.Johanna Decorse

Bonrepos-Riquet Castle : It was in this vast domain that Pierre-Paul Riquet established his residence in the 17th century. The hydraulic experiments he performed in this rural laboratory led him, life-size, to the Canal du Midi. In addition to the castle, the visit includes the orangery, the sample pools and the newly restored nymphaeum cave.

Bank round: Departing from Granague, this 8 km long circuit allows you to discover the banks of the Girou. Upstream from the village, a dam that is still visible today supplied water to a canal and its mill. You can extend the trip to Bonrepos Castle (+4.5 km return).

Practice : Ecogîtes de Baugnac, 3 ears Gîtes de France in Lavalette. Gîtes for 2 or 4 people. To reserve: Haute-Garonne Tourisme Reservation, 14 rue Bayard in Toulouse. Contact: 05 61 99 44 10 (ask Alix) or sla@tourismehg.com. Tourist information: hautegaronnetourisme.com Topo Guide Via Garona-GR861 free of charge for all reservations made within 48 hours of publication.

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