A third of French households have a dog, according to a survey

Among the French who do not have a dog, 21% say they will adopt one, reveals the first barometer “Dogs and the French”.

84% of French people love dogs! In a country with more than 7.5 million copies, man’s best friend is present in 33% of homes, revealed on Wednesday the results of the first barometer “Dogs and the French”, conducted by the CSA Institute on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of Central Canine.

Among dog owners, 85% of whom consider it a full member of the family, three quarters of them can not imagine living without this animal, and a third are even considering adopting another. As for those who do not have one, 21% of respondents say they “intend to adopt one”.

Why do people love dogs?

Today is an important pet, the status of the dog has evolved in a few decades. “If the dog for centuries has proven to be Homo Sapien’s indispensable utilitarian aid for guardthat hunt even war, today far from being taboo, the unconditional love that masters have for their dogs is widely accepted and claimed by 9 out of 10 people.commented sociologist Christophe Blanchard on Wednesday during a press conference in Paris.

“People often need emotional compensation, and the dog is an emotional sponge. It’s a return on investment.”he explained.

But for future buyers, “there are blockages associated with this acquisition of expectation of animal death who is part of the family “, according to him. The other barriers that the respondents mention are: no longer easy to take on holidays or weekends, the animal’s need for space, barking and the cost of food and care.

Why do you want a dog?

The French attribute to their dogs qualities such as fidelity, loyalty and courage, “So many virtues that you do not necessarily find in your neighbor. In an increasingly individualistic society, the dog is the living being who will not disappoint us.he says.

Vector of social bond, the dog is also a mediator in the outside world for the fragile and vulnerable people.

Another lesson from this study: almost 4 out of 10 French people would like dogs to be more accepted in their workplace. Today, only 7% of employers allow it. A figure that rises to 19% when it comes to small dogs.

Do the French choose pedigree dogs?

Unsurpassed since 2018, the Australian Shepherd is still the Frenchmen’s favorite breed. Heiko / stock.adobe.com

Almost every other owner declares to have a purebred dog (registered with LOF or with pedigree). They are mostly medium-sized dogs (47%), ie between 10 and 30 kg (Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Golden Retriever, Husky, etc.)

The French choose the breed of their dog first by character, then by size and finally by appearance.

Other information: 37% of dog owners say they also have one or more cats in their household.

Centrale Canine, an organization recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture for managing the dog’s genealogy book (LOF, Book of Origins) organizes the “European Dog Show 2022” from 22 to 24 April at the Parc des Expositions Paris-Nord Villepinte, where 17,000 dogs from 54 countries are in the running for the title of “Europe’s most beautiful dog”.

Survey conducted from 14 to 20 December 2021 by the CSA Polling Institute for Central Canine among a representative national committee of 1,006 French people aged 18 and over.

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