Gardouch: the activity of the football club disrupted by the installation of travelers on its grounds

In this way, travelers have settled on the entire Gardouch Club football pitch.
Travelers have settled on the entire Gardouch Club football pitch. (© Romain Luspot)

“When I discovered this bad surprise, my blood did not turn.” Alain Milhau is chairman of the football club in the municipality: the Gardouche Olympic Club. During the day Sunday 1eh May 2022, he noted through friends and club members that the land used for training and matches had become overrun with caravans belonging to travelers.

Surprised by this news, he turned to the mayor of Gardouch for answers to his questions. Olivier Guerra then told him “to have gone to meet the ‘tenants’ of the premises to discuss the situation with them”. Accompanied by gendarmes, the city council member managed to obtain information: the occupation period for the premises was to be two weeks, ie. until the weekend of Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of May.

“Everyone is helpless”

“What’s awful to say is this everyone is helpless faced with this context, “says Alain Milhau. The community volunteer adds:

“Whether it is the municipal team, the police or even the football club, no one is able to intervene to expel them. They imposed themselves without notice and have some certainty not to be thrown out. The mayor of the municipality must inform the prefecture of the situation, but I doubt that the latter will use the necessary means to make things happen.Currently, we are content to suffer during the events.

The president of the Gardouch Olympique Club thinks that the travelers probably settled down while the round of the lily of the valley was held on the 1steh able to and that the municipality had a focus on this event. “Of course I’m not sure, but the day before there was not the slightest trace of a caravan. They were to show up around.thinks Alain Milhau.

Canceled matches?

Anyone who sits on the city council at the same time as his involvement in the club’s leader is therefore in a complicated situation. The elected representative can no longer make the land available to him 350 licensees.

“In the week from Monday 2 May to Sunday 8 May it is not the big problem as we are in the middle of the school holidays. But the next seven days it will be a different story. We won have no choice but to arrange training on the field at the lock, which is nearby.The lawn is less well maintained, but it will be necessary to adapt to it.As for the fights, however, it is a different story I had three planned, from Friday the 13th of May to Sunday on May 15. This time the land at the lock is absolutely not suitable to receive another team.There are only two solutions available to us.Either we will try to postpone the match with the Haute-Garonne district, which we hope will be understanding. In the worst case, we will be forced to lose. For three matches, I remind you. This last option should not be considered “.

Alain Milhau

There is a clear anxiety left

Asked by the editors of The voice of southern LauragaisOlivier Guerra confirms the version of events described by the club president by stating that a report was written by the gendarmes who observed about forty caravans installed in the field.

If the duration of the occupation is not what bothers Alain Milhau the most, he fears anyway damage to the lawn. “If it rains heavily within the next 15 days, the damage could be significant,” the city council member concludes.

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