Magny-le-Désert / Carrouges: The CDC unanimously says ‘yes’ to La Ferté-Macé

The vote took place on Tuesday evening, 19 April 2022, at around noon. 22.40 © The Free Publisher

After discussing various issues, it was around 10.15pm that the question of the application for membership of La Ferte-Macé (Orne) to the Community of Municipalities was discussed. “One last point and not least” began Claudine Bellenger. The President recalled the exchanges that have taken place in recent months on this subject between the Cdc’s office and the mayor of La Ferte-Mace with their assistants.

“The mayor explained to us the difficulties his city encountered Flers Agglo, that the municipal majority wanted away, ”she said.

On March 21, the firm Calia Conseil came to present to the Interco Office the study on the consequences of a withdrawal of the town of Flers Agglo and its affiliation with Cdc by Fertois Country and Carrougien Bocage. It shows: a neutrality of the common and interco tariffs for the city’s taxpayers; an abolition of the mobility payment, ex transport tax, for companies and employers in the public sector from 11 employees. For our Cdc, this membership would result in new expenses of € 398,153 and new income of € 1,058,736 ”.

“The interest of the territory and the inhabitants”

The President recalled the discussions on 6 April in the municipal council of La Ferté-Macé, which by a majority (7 against and 1 abstention) decided on the request for the withdrawal of Flers Agglo on 31 December 2022 and membership of the CDC at 1uh January 2023. With a little clarification in passing: “when José Collado suggests that our Cdc only does road work, he has a short memory. During the period when La Ferté was a member, we certainly did almost 4 million euros in road work in the city, but we also did Maison des services publics, the tourist office, the high school Jacques-Brel, the residence of the gendarmerie, the water center, the SCF workshop ”. “And all this without a loan!” Added one adviser.

In the ensuing exchange of words, Claudine Bellenger reiterated on several occasions that “it is the interests of the territory that must be our priority.

We are not elected for ourselves, but for our voters. If we do not work with La Ferté-Macé, we will not move forward. We will not meet the demographic challenge without each other

Claudine Bellenger

And in the face of some’s fears, the president wanted to be reassuring. “Welcoming La Ferté again does not mean that we will stop projects in our less important municipalities. It’s win, win, and it’s not just the financial side to consider. We have to see what we want with our territory ”.

The meeting proceeded to a secret ballot. Out of 31 voters, the application for membership received 30 “yes” and one abstained. “This unanimity will allow us to work in the right direction. This is only a first step. I will communicate this decision to our 19 municipalities, which have 3 months to consider,” the chairman said.

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A first step

Rings on Wednesday morning d. Michael Leroyer, Mayor of La Ferté-Macé, expressed his great satisfaction. “The work of presenting the study with the president and the mayors of the Cdc took place in a calm atmosphere. I am very pleased with this agreement, which will make it possible to recreate a Cdc that corresponds to our area of ​​life ”.

With regard to the withdrawal of La Ferté-Macé from the Flers Agglo, in the framework of the common law procedure, “we will reiterate our request that this item be finally put on the agenda of the Council of Society, the first noble continues. I will support this request by accompanying it with the considerations of the Cdc du Pays fertois and the Bocage carrougien ”.

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