The attack of dogs during their jogging, these Montluçonnais (Allier) hope for an awareness of the masters

Denis Geffroy and Théo, his son, took advantage of the Easter weekend’s mild spring with their dogs, Orion and Saphir. The two men were about a hundred yards from the houses when four mastiffs met them. Left astray by the owners, the herd then threw itself violently over their dogs. Merciless, dogs, wolf-dogs, throw them into a nightmare in seconds.

I screamed for help. I saw my son and my dogs get bitten, it worked for a very long time!

Denis Geffroy (victim of a dog attack)

Neighbors, alarmed by the shouts, look helplessly at the stage. One of them will confide in the two men that the neighborhood is horrified: “A local resident told me, ‘we know these dogs, they are public dangers! “They could not come to our aid without something to protect themselves with. »

Especially when the masters themselves, finally alarmed by the noise, had great difficulty calming their animals.

They went there with big kicks, they could not control them.

Theo Geffroy (victim of a dog attack)

Physical and moral damage

Bitten in several places, Denis and Théo Geffroy inherited 30 days of ITT (temporary total incapacity). Théo, very close to his animals, was deeply affected by the injuries to Orion, one of his dogs: “I was very scared, I really thought they would kill him. Border Collie had his intestines almost perforated, which forced him to carry sinks for almost 15 days. “I wore Saphir to protect him, but suddenly the dogs bit me a lot,” Denis recalls, staring at his arms, still obsessed with fangs.

They are not aware that a dog can be a weapon!

Denis Geffroy (victim of a dog attack)

This father of three big boys is annoyed at the irresponsibility of certain owners. Reluctant at the time, father and son filed a complaint the next day. Denis, a former gendarme, measured his decision well: “I am not asking for imprisonment, but measures must be taken for the dogs and for everyone’s safety.”

Karine Falgon had a stroke in 2011. When she ran near a house, a worrying growl behind her did not give her time to react. After a lengthy procedure, the dog handler had been sentenced to a large compensation. ‘What breaks my heart is that the dog was killed. We do not blame the dogs, they react as they can. “Shocked by this accident, the jogger remained traumatized for several years.

I walked around with a tear gas canister to soothe myself.

Karine Falgon (victim of a dog attack in 2011)

A recurring problem

“It’s complicated to make the masters understand that a dog is a potential danger,” said Jean-Pierre Duverger, a member of Montluçon Athletics. Training on the Saint-Jean racetrack is complicated by phobias: “I run with a friend who is afraid of dogs. We are often told” but my dog ​​is cute “. It does not help, it does not justify anything. This problem creates tensions between users: “Some get annoyed, preferring to blame us when we could just respect each other. »

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To Jérôme Goutaudier, from USPC Commentry, the question is also asked: “And that is also a problem on the bike! When you go to distant corners, paths in the woods, it can become a real danger. »

If the dog is man’s best friend to many, no one should forget that they are, above all, animals whose reactions are not always foreseen.

With or without leash, walk your dog in “good intelligence”

The temptation is strong to let your dog enjoy a little freedom. However, owners must never forget that they are responsible for their animals.

In Montluçon it is forbidden to walk your dog without a leash in the city. Public parks and gardens may also be subject to regulation. “On the racetrack, the decree is displayed at the three entrances, but it is rarely respected. We should go on good footing,” laments Jean-Pierre Duverger, a member of Montluçon Athlétisme.
In French law, there is nothing that prohibits walking without a leash in public places, and this choice is left to mayors and prefects. Their delusion, however, is forbidden. An animal must not stray more than 100 meters from its master.

Categories and dressage

“Dangerous dogs” are classified into two categories. The first for attack dogs, defined by morphological characteristics similar to certain breeds, such as Mastiffs or Pit-Bulls. The other for watch dogs, like the well-known Rottweiler. To own a categorized dog, a license is required. But categorized dogs are not necessarily the most dangerous.

Poorly trained or left unattended, any dog ​​can become a threat. It is impossible to predict an animal’s reactions to an unusual situation. Before they are released, therefore, the four-legged friends must be well-trained and respect their master’s orders. “You also have to think about people who are afraid of dogs,” says Denis Geffroy, dog owner and runner.

For the benefit of the neat furry and for all users of the public space, the goal must be cohabitation.

Delphine Simoneau

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