the director regrets a bit the film (but not us)

McG, the director of the first films Charlie and his Charlie’s Angelsseems to retain a bitter memory of him Terminator: Rebirth.

The saga terminator stands still. Except through a possible Netflix animated series, the universe initiated by James Cameron has given no sign of life since the successive disasters Terminator: Genisys and Dark fate. Two disasters that make us regret the first two great films made by the filmmaker, but also one of their successors, the unfairly unloved when it was released, Terminator: Rebirth.

After the iteration, which was the third opus, the producers of Halcyon Company imagined a trilogy project that would have taken place after the last verdict. Results Renaissancedirected by McG, the director of the first two films Charlie and his Charlie’s Angels. Ak, the fans were not convinced by the feature film, nor were the critics satisfied. Almost fifteen years later, the filmmaker looks back on the bitter experience of the film’s release, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter :

Terminator: Rebirth: PhotoThe Fire and Blood Terminator Saga

“We were pretty close to hitting the bulls’ eye. We teamed up with Jonathan Nolan, we had Christian Bale, and we tried faithfully to honor the Terminator universe and James Cameron. Things with this movie, but it was a tough landing. […] We had secret test screenings at Warner Bros.

I voluntarily invited Terminator devotees, people who were in chat groups, and they rejected everything. Me and [Jeff] Robinov [l’ancien exécutif de Warner, ndlr], we looked at each other and said “Shit”. I really thought I was in control of the situation so far. It’s not like the movie fell apart, it just did not work the way we wanted it to, and it did not fall as well as we wanted it to. “

Terminator: Rebirth: photo, Christian BaleMcG during the test screening of the Renaissance

Reactions were strong around the film’s release date, so much so that its $ 42 million + debut dropped 61.4% in its second week after release. Throughout its theatrical career, the feature film raised well over $ 125 million on American soil, slightly inflated by $ 246 million internationally. With its 371 million worldwide, Terminator: Rebirth so have straight repaid (and still not sure) its budget of 200 million (excluding promotion).

And when THR asked the filmmaker what he would have done differently, McG answered very clearly:

“I would have stuck to the dark ending that we recorded but cut. There are a lot of elements in the film that people liked, and technically we’ve developed some things. You can not get a better actor like Christian Bale, Sam [Worthington] did the best he could and [nous avions] Helena Bonham Carter and Bryce Dallas Howard. We have done our best. I tried to make a faithful Terminator, I tried. “

Terminator: Genisys: PicturesAnd then comes Hollywood necromancy with Genisys

Tried … and quite successful in reality. We can criticize the film for its weight, sometimes even its stupidity, but the fact is that Terminator: Rebirth are the same a technically very successful blockbuster, generously staged and quite spectacular. The post-apocalyptic atmosphere might have disappointed some who did not want to see it in one terminatorbut it’s clear that the result is still a brutal and muscular science fiction film, all it promised us.

It’s the risk of offering the viewer something new in a franchise, and the studies will teach the lesson with the catastrophic coaster Terminator: Genisys. On December 14, the sequel will be releasedAvatarthe huge success achieved by James Cameron in 2009 (same year as Renaissance), will land in French cinemas. The opportunity to see if the filmmaker behind the first films terminator still have some under the bonnet.

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