validity period, where to find it?

Individuals who test positive for Covid have a “recovery certificate” whose period of validity varies depending on vaccination status. It can be accepted for travel. Where can I find my recovery certificate? How to download it? With which test? On Ameli? Sidep? Practical guide.

that certificate of resumption by Covid responds as a result of a positive PCR or antigen test to Sars-Cov-2 virus, which proves that you have been infected with the virus. Her the expiration date varies depending on the vaccination status (from 4 months to unlimited depending on the case). How achieve a Covid Recovery Certificate? Where is to find ? On Sidep ? Ameli? How fetch on his phone? Is he accepted for a trip? Practical guide.

What is a Covid Recovery Certificate?

The resume certificate corresponds to one positive PCR or antigen test for Covid, which proves that you have been infected with the virus. As the risk of infection for these individuals is lower, they can use this certificate as sanitary pass.

To obtain the Covid Recovery Certificate, you must complete one PCR test Where antigen (only PCR is valid for travel to Europe). This The Covid test must be positive. That serological tests who can certify a previous infection with Covid is not accepted as evidence of cure from Covid. The same for the self-tests. To be valid must PCR or antigen test must be positive and date ofat least 11 days. Its period of validity varies from 4 months to more depending on the case (see below).

  • The process for obtaining evidence for a positive test is the same as for negative tests via SI-DEP.
  • The patient can connect to the portal via the link received via email or SMSor by clicking the button FranceConnect present at SI-DEP.
  • To identify yourself with FranceConnect, you must use your passwords for your Ameli account, your MSA account, your tax area … The connection is only open to recipients of a French health insurance scheme.
  • L ‘import the certificate into the TousAntiCovid application is possible from the paper or PDF of the test result by scanning the QR code or by clicking on a link to import and save the result in the TousAntiCovid Notebook.

Covid test results are not can not be downloaded from (like the Covid vaccination certificate). To download the reinstatement certificate, connect to the platform with your FranceConnect credentials or click on the link sent via email or SMS. This certificate contains identification data (name, date of birth) and information regarding the screening (date and type of test, negative or positive result) and a QR code that you can scan and import into the TousAntiCovid Carnet application.

SI-DEP is the government platform on which you can find your Covid test results (positive or negative). It allows to recover evidence of a positive PCR or antigen test to serve as a certificate of resumption. All you have to do is connect to the platform with your FranceConnect credentials or click on the link sent via email or SMS after the test has been performed. All PCR or antigen tests generate evidence as soon as the professional enters the result in the SI-DEP database, which can be printed directly and which is also made available to the patient via e-mail and SMS to go to recover on SI-DEP. Antigen test (negative or positive) or RT-PCR (negative or positive) test result certificates are authenticated with a QR codeand can be imported into TousAntiCovid.

How long is a resumption certificate valid?

The period of validity of the recovery certificate depends on when you were tested positive for the vaccination stage (excluding revocation), reminds the French government’s page MesConseilsCovid. For example, a person positive for Covid 3 months or more after receiving their two doses of vaccine Covid has one unlimited proof of resumption.

Time for positive test Period of validity of the certificate
Before the first dose of the Covid vaccine 4 months
Between 1st and 2nd dose of the anti-Covid vaccine 4 months
Less than 3 months after vaccination 4 months
3 months or more after vaccination Unlimited

Yes, a positive coronavirus antigen test is recognized as evidence of Covid infection and can serve as a certificate of cure in France (in the same way as a PCR test). On the other hand, in Europe only a PCR test positive is valid as a travel recovery certificate.

Is a serological test valid as a cure certificate?

Although the serological test proves a previous Covid infection by highlighting the presence of antibodies directed against Sars-Cov-2, it is not recognized as evidence of Covid recovery. Only a positive Covid PCR or antigen test can serve as a certificate of cure.

Can I travel with a health certificate?

The resumption certificate can be used for travel abroad according to the rules in force in each country, the French government warns. But only if it is a positive PCR test, as specified on the European Council website. The result of a positive antigen test for Covid infection is not taken into account at the borders. The positive PCR test must be dated less than 180 days (6 months) according to Council rules European. The 27 member states of Europe must in theory accept it, but it is still better to check the conditions of each destination on before departure.

How to download your recovery certificate in Tous Anti Covid?

The Covid recovery certificate can be presented in paper or digital version. To integrate it into the TousAntiCovid application, it’s very simple: just scan the QR code of their SI-DEP document via the link received via SMS after the end of the test and to open it in the application. The document will then be saved in the “TousAntiCovid Carnet” functionality. SI-DEP is the secure platform where the results of the RT-PCR tests performed in the laboratory are stored.

Infographics for importing your Covid Recovery Certificate
Infographic “How to Import Your Covid Recovery Certificate” © TousAntiCovid.gouv


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