What to do in this part of the Sahara?

Tunisia is a North African country covering an area of ​​163,000 km2. Moreover, if this state is one of the most popular destinations for travelers, it is mainly because of its many tourist attractions.

Among the places that highlight this country and make it famous in the world, there is the Tunisian desert and its dunes. It is a unique place that stands out for its vastness, but also for the diversity of its landscapes. If you are wondering what to visit and do in this part of the Sahara, here are some answers!

What to do in this part of the Sahara?
What to visit and do in the desert of Tunisia?  Tataouine, Tunisia - Instagram © @ramyjaballah

What to visit and do in the desert of Tunisia? Tataouine, Tunisia – Instagram © @ramyjaballah

What to visit in the desert of Tunisia?

The Sahara does not only consist of a large sandy area. It is also a lunar landscape, rock massifs and oases. During your trip to Tunisia, in the Tunisian desert, do not miss visiting these places for an experience that is both physical and spiritual.


It is unthinkable to visit the Tunisian desert without taking Ksours-dalen, a landscape home to stunning architecture. The Ksourers, who have been nicknamed the castles, find themselves in an arid environment with desert plateaus and mountains comparable to large hives. You should know that some of them are built at the top of the valley and allow different tribes to enjoy the view from above.

They are interconnected and, thanks to their construction, some social organizations are fighting for their inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.UNESCO. The special thing about this place lies in the chaotic and spectacular character of its landscape, which contributes to the attraction of the adventure. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize the originality of each site as well as the essentially troglodyte and rudimentary lifestyle.

The lakes of Chott el-Jerid

You can take advantage of your stay in the Tunisian desert to discover the lakes of Chott el-Jerid, remains of an ancient inland sea. This huge surface of water that has evaporated due to climate change reveals a thin layer of hypersalt water on the surface. Please note that the lakes in Chott el-Jerid are located in a space without vegetation consisting only of white lines.

It is a landscape built as a World Heritage Site.UNESCO which rests on muddy soil and is flooded during periods of heavy rain. This is precisely the reason why a paved road was laid to facilitate passage and make the area more accessible. But in the hot season, the salts crystallize, giving rise to a dazzling spectacle that combines the luster of the minerals and the whiteness of the earth.

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The fabulous oases of the Tunisian desert

If there is one discovery to be made in the Tunisian desert, it is without a doubt the one that pertains to the oases. No matter how different they are from each other, their geographical location allows them to guarantee you moments of wonder at the pace of the caravan (for example).

start with Naphtha, a small village whose dwellings are also close together and built in the form of a cube with a flat roof. This oasis is surrounded by palm trees and is home to a embracing flower called the Basket of Nefta, a natural space carved into the rock.

So remember to visit Tozeur which is considered the greatest symbol of the Tunisian desert. Furthermore, it should be noted that this oasis is the main entrance to the Sahara, an authentic place ideal for changing landscape. The burning light from the great south flows into the alleys of its old quarters, whose facades are made of lace brick. You also have to go through the small village Tamerzasomewhere the water of the water in a high waterfall.

In addition to this spectacle that you want to participate in, it should be noted that it is the largest mountain oasis in Tunisia. L ‘oasis of Ksar Ghilane, an oasis of peace. It has the special feature of being fed by a river of hot water. It is a landscape marked by golden sands and dunes that have been submitted to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The list is obviously not exhaustive because many other sites like it Mides Where Chebika are also available for magnificent discoveries. Do not hesitate to take a walk if time allows.

The desert in Tunisia: What to do in this part of the Sahara?
The desert in Tunisia: What to do in this part of the Sahara?

Douz Sahara Museum

This museum is a space dedicated exclusively to the Sahara. It highlights some aspects of the Tunisian desert. It was designed to exhibit not only the heritage of the inhabitants but also the fauna and flora of the latter.

You will discover artifacts that originate from civilization, and at the same time you will understand the lifestyle of nomadic tribes. A real tourist asset in the region, the museum for Sahara of Douz contains a collection of Islamic art and is a spiritual hotspot for believers.

What to do in this part of the Sahara?

If you are looking for what to do in this part of the Sahara, know that you will not be limited because a myriad of options present themselves to you.

Go to Douz market

You can go to the market in Douz to supply themselves with local foods consisting mainly of spices, fruits and clothing. It is a very crowded place, especially during Muslim holidays, because it is the place par excellence to buy cattle. Between the unfamiliar scents, the busy world and the new colors, you will no doubt find something to acquire as a souvenir from your visit.

Ride on the backs of camels

It is unthinkable to spend a stay in the Tunisian desert without experiencing a ride on the back of camels. Highly present in the country, they are considered the most widely used means of transportation, even the most appropriate for crossing this entire stretch of sand. It is therefore necessary to plan a walk, and if you have never experienced it, this is an opportunity to get to know these animals who know how to be docile. The feeling is just exciting, you do not want to stop the walk.

Camping in a bivouac

The ritual of bivouac camping is part of the adventures you must experience as soon as you are in this part of the Sahara. It’s the kind of ritual to be in the front row to take advantage of absolutely spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

To sleep under the stars under the sky of the Tunisian desert is a memorable experience that to some extent gives a sense of freedom. In addition, it should be noted that you will be able to make new friends because the bivouac camp is adopted by many travelers. If it is to be remembered, relationships develop very quickly around a campfire and in an outdoor atmosphere. Do not forget your camera you want moments to capture.

The desert in Tunisia: What to do in this part of the Sahara?
The desert in Tunisia: What to do in this part of the Sahara?

To play golf

One of the best activities to do in the Tunisian desert is to play golf in majestic surroundings. If you are a fan of this sport, then you can treat yourself to sessions on a high court.

It’s about Tozeur Oasis Golf whose playing conditions are optimal thanks to its grassy surface located in the shade of palm trees. It is an 18-hole course whose green is in excellent condition to offer an unforgettable gaming experience to all golfers present in the desert.

Treat yourself to hiking

You can not go to the Tunisian desert without indulging in hiking, which is an activity of a thousand virtues. that trekking is never finished in this part of the Sahara and you will have to learn the sense of direction so as not to get lost.

You therefore practice walking to better consider this sandy surface, which during periods of high heat can get hot under your feet. Hiking in the Tunisian desert helps to observe this landscape with a uniform appearance, and this in total tranquility.

Swim in the Tunisian desert

You probably do not know it, but know that it is possible to swim in the Tunisian desert. This activity is actually feasible thanks to the numerous places with hot springs and therefore you will not be restricted.

You can treat yourself to a swim in the oasis of Chebika equipped with a natural swimming pool, which is also considered an aquatic paradise. It is also possible to swim in the lake Houidhat Errechedone of the most beautiful hot springs ideal for this activity.

It is a place located in the middle of the desert. It is equipped with sauna and swimming pool with thermal water, whose healing properties are effective in case of muscle pain. Also be aware that there is also another water source that cascades all year round and is located at Ksar Ghilane. Rich in sulfur, it is a stopping point for many tourists looking for a place to relax.

Taste local culinary specialties

Gastronomy is one of the strengths of this part of the Sahara and therefore you should definitely taste the local culinary specialties. One of them is the shakshuka of Naphtha, a dish prepared in this oasis based on semolina dough. The latter is cut into pieces and then served with lamb, chickpeas, beans, all topped with tomato sauce. You will also be eligible for barkoukech of Gafsaa traditional menu specific to the Berbers (inhabitants of this region).

It should be noted that this dish is made with couscous pasta, meat and seasonal vegetables. Do not miss to tasteassida bi Tbikha, a rich soup also composed of vegetables, but also crushed garlic, spices and fenugreek. These are just a few examples of the culinary specialties you will be pampered with in this part of the Sahara, the rest are just as tasty.

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The desert in Tunisia: What to do in this part of the Sahara?
The desert in Tunisia: What to do in this part of the Sahara?


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