When Voyages arrive in France before conquering Europe!

Naar Voyages is the French division of the Italian Naar Tour Operator

It’s FINALLY the big day for Naar Voyages! The techno and tailor-made Italian tour operator arrives at travel agencies. Following a trial in September 2019, interrupted by covid-19, the French subsidiary of Naar Tour Operator begins its activities with Marco Guaramonti at the helm. TWO, ​​which stands out thanks to its technology, not only intends to find a place in the French gloom before it starts in Europe. Interview with Frédéric Naar, the boss and founder, and Marco Guaramonti, two men who play the piano, but not without ambition!

When Voyages arrive in France before conquering Europe!
Naar Voyages is the French division of the Italian Naar Tour Operator - Photo Credit: CL

Naar Voyages is the French division of the Italian Naar Tour Operator – Photo Credit: CL

For those who do not know the name of Frédéric Naar and even less Naar Tour Operator, I invite you to return to TourMag’s archives.

One of the first tracks dates back to September 2019, during the release of IFTM – Top Resa of the time.

The Frenchman with a light Italian accent unveiled his new project with Marco Guaramonti by his side: Naar Voyages, the French subsidiary of the Italian TO.

I realized that Europeans are looking for the same journeys. Our production is adapted to the French market,He explained to us.

Less than a year later, he, who now lives in Milan at the company’s headquarters, appeared on the front page of tourist news by revealing how the Italian government had saved the tourism industry. The farms were born in Italy, unlike football.

Almost three years after the landing was interrupted by covid, When Voyages returns to France and intends to win over France’s travel agencies.

I had to learn to wait during this period and I can tell you that it is somewhat complex. We are now operational and we are already crossing France,“announces with ants in its legs, Marco Guaramonti, the leader of the structure based in Paris.

And if Frédéric Naar is a little less on the move than the original Italian, France will only be a stage for his company.

Naar Voyages: “there is no one like us in France!”

It must be said that TO has the means to its ambitions.

The company was founded in 1995 in Milan and quickly gained importance in the transalpine tourist landscape. Almost 30 years later, it hires 75 people and generated 58 million in revenue in 2019.

We are among the top TWO in Italy in the US, Japan, Emirates, Indian Ocean … In particular our technology is unique, it allows us to earn in real time these destinations with direct contracts,Explains the owner.

Complete and BtoB only, for now (see below), Naar Tour Operator lets the travel agents take care of the customer relationship when he takes care of everything else before and during the stay.

Everyone has their own work, and the cows are well looked after, as they say.

In addition to technology, which is one of its most important assets, TO is also a tailor-made specialist, with a dozen experts dealing only with long-distance production.

If technology is the biggest asset for both the French subsidiary and the Italian operator, it is not Frédéric Naar’s only selling point.

Innovation is not just for cheap travel. We are not a TO that makes the difference in price, but we have an image of quality products,“temper the founder.

Travelers benefit from assistance 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, the challenge is to provide the best service so that the customer returns to the agency.

To compare the French based in Italy places his brand between Kuoni and Asia, with above all an average basket of around 8,000 euros, which poses the company a bit.

After grabbing seats, to find himself among the most important TOs in Italy, the Naar Tour Operator found himself with a market and maneuvering space that was too limited in the boot.

When Voyages wants to conquer France and then Europe!

There is no one like us in France.

I know some do techno, others are traditional TWO, but no one combines the two in our way at least on the BtoB segment. That is what we want to explain to the market.

And France could only be a springboard for the Italian producer’s international ambitions.

By using its boundary line, which is its back office solution, Frédéric Naar intends to make our country an experimental zone before conquering Europe.

We try to resume the project that Kuoni implemented in the 90s, namely to create a single shopping center for the continent, the cost reductions can be significant, especially in the tailor-made,“says the Vice President of Astoi (equivalent to the Italian SETO).

While waiting for the internationalization of its all-round model, it is appropriate to return to the special circumstances of a TO like no other.

To stand out in such well-known and thin destinations as the United States, Japan, South Africa, the Maldives or others, Frédéric Naar relied on the skills of his students.

I am a programmer and programming analyst by subject, I do not come from the trip.

We stand out because I studied the Japanese Mudas Lean method, represented by Taiichi Õno for the Toyota company,“reveals the owner of the business.

This method aims to reduce waste of time in car chains’ production cycles by a good organization of work. A model that the Frenchman has translated into travel design.

To Voyages: conquer travel agencies one after another!

To the extent TO we have many quote requests, in the end it is not that far from other industries. Finally, I try to connect the technology to the organization, on a product as complicated as tailor-made travel.

While the agent focuses on getting to know the customer, the manufacturer’s back office takes care of everything else.

After successfully implementing the Japanese Muda Lean method, Frédéric Naar has even held several conferences on the subject. Once the techno and organizational side is closed, let’s tackle the French conquest.

When Voyages will be completely independent here, with its own contracts, TWO airfare and products.

It’s an interesting challenge. something very big. Travel agencies are impressed with our demonstrations and the first feedback is very good,“explains Marco Guaramonti.

Without being mentioned in the distribution networks, the newcomer to the tourist landscape intends to conquer the independent points of sale one after the other.

And if you have to wait for years before you get a name in the subject, don’t worry, Frédéric Naar is not very busy.

When I started in Italy, we were 2 people, with industry giants in front of us, such as Alpitour, HotelPlan and Kuoni.

The networks did not want us, so we made one store at a time our hole, ”remembers the company’s founder.

The first challenge for 2022 will be to increase the brand’s fame, thanks to Marco Guaramonti’s ground coverage, and then to increase the power of piano, piano.

The conquest of the first networks is expected in 2023, so word of mouth can do its job.

Naar Voyages: a BtoBtoC portal to increase sales

And to make his place in the sun, b[la filiale hexagonale va miser sur des destinations bankable comme les USA, le Canada, Polynésie, l’Afrique australe, les Maldives, les Seychelles et la nouvelle venue, qu’est l’Arabie Saoudite. ]b

And do not expect to see thousands of brochures delivered to you, these catalogs do not exist.

For the boss, selling a trip is a 4-hand job, which is even intended as a collaboration.

We add destinations as revenue grows, as does team size.

In addition, there will soon be a sales manager, a personality from the sector, ”excited Marco Guaramonti. So far, the name has not been filtered out, but she should take up residence in the coming days.

And like any serial entrepreneur, Frederic Naar leads several projects at the same time, both in metaverset as the development of a new BtoBtoC digital platform.

It is not possible to leave all the space for BtoC travel on the internet solely to Expedia, Booking and therefore to pure players. At the end of the year, we are developing a high-performance site that aims to attract customers to travel agencies.

This portal, which is scheduled to be launched in Italy at the end of the year, will send the future traveler to a point of sale previously selected by TO as a destination specialist.

The professional will contact the customer on behalf of the Naar Tour Operator.

The agent’s added value is based, on the one hand, on the knowledge he has about his client and the journey and, on the other hand, on his physical presence, which comforts the travelers.

We want to restore Internet users to bring them back to the agency, ”reveals Astoi’s vice president.

Before attacking the net, the Italian TO must find a place in France!


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