10 things to see in Dakhla, Morocco

Dakhla in Morocco is very popular with kitesurfing enthusiasts and promises a unique stay. Overview of the places and activities to be seen in the region!

Dakhla, a small oasis between the Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean

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Located in the far south of Morocco, the city is Dakhla meeting place for surfers from all over the world. It is at the top of the rankings of water sports venues in the world.

Dakhla, formerly known as Villa Cisnesos to pay homage to Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros, is a peninsula that emerged from the waves, forming the “Bay of Dakhla”. It is located at the end of Morocco, at the crossroads of the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara. In addition to being a mecca for kitesurfing, this region is full of true natural wonders. It is also known for its mild climate and its postcard landscape. The Dakhla region has the most beautiful coasts of Morocco. They are isolated from the rest of the world by the surrounding desert.

Plan your trip to Dakhla

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It is important to prepare your trip well to fully enjoy your stay in the breathtaking city of Dakhla. It is advisable to carefully choose the period to go there. Due to its geographical location, Dakhla enjoys a pleasant climate all year round. For fans of kitesurfing, the ideal season to go there is from May to September, and especially in July / August when the wind is strong. The tourist frequency of Dakhla is at its highest in the month of August. On the other hand, tourists are very rare in January, February, March, June, September and November.

In addition, there are many ways to get to Dakhla. Direct flights from Casablanca and Agadir make it possible to reach the city. International flights also connect it with Germany and France. Dakhla’s small airport welcomes seasonal flights arriving from the Canary Islands.

10 things to discover in Dakhla, Morocco

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Dakhla has a wealth of surprises in store for both extreme sports enthusiasts and non-sports tourists. Here is a selection of 10 activities to do or discover in this region of Morocco.

  1. Dragon Island

Dragon Island or Herné Island is one of the places you must not miss in Dakhla. A walk on the island is an opportunity to admire different kinds of shells or to observe migratory birds. The island is surrounded by beautiful turquoise blue water at high tide. It is accessible on foot at low tide. It is also possible to get there by kayak or catamaran to discover the wonders of the lagoon. The lucky ones get the chance to spot dolphins.

  1. The white dune

Located 30 km from the city, the white dune is an incredible natural phenomenon that stands in the heart of the lagoon. It is a crescent-shaped white sand dune. This wild place is a true paradise for flamingos and fiddler crabs. It turns into an island at high tide.

The white dune can be visited aboard a 4×4 or during kitesurfing expeditions. Magnificent wild landscapes are offered to tourists while traveling through the desert plains of the Sahara. Many hotels offer various excursions in this region.

  1. The beaches of Dakhla

Dakhla is also known for its many deserted beaches that stretch from north to south. The beaches of Puerto Rico and Puertito are among the most famous. Puerto Rico has a paradise beach called “the king’s private beach”. A true treasure of nature, this long beach seems to be endless. Holidaymakers can relax there or swim in the crystal clear water. Even further south, Puertito Beach is also the ideal place for swimming or sunbathing.

Surfers will definitely enjoy Foum el bouir beach, located about 6 km from the town. The Point of the Dragon is not far away. This site is very popular among extreme sports enthusiasts all over the world for the nautical base of Dakhla Attitude.

  1. The hot springs in Asmaa

Located 35 km from the city, the hot springs of Asmaa are the ideal place for tourists who prefer off-road activities. They are located in the heart of the desert, very far from the classic tourist circuits. You have to walk a sandy path of about 25 km to get to this unique place. A powerful jet of water springs from the natural hot spring. These warm waters are known for their virtues for bone, skin or respiratory diseases.

  1. The village of Lassarga

Lassarge, located in the far south of the peninsula, is the connection between the lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. This fishing village is home to a mythical beach with clean waves. Lassarga offers an excellent location for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

  1. Dakhla souk

Dakhla is a Moroccan city and has its own souk. The latter, however, is smaller than Marrakech. This is the best place to find souvenirs that can not be found in other cities. Among these objects is Melhfa, a light substance that women in the Sahara use to cover themselves.

  1. Purple islands

The purpuraires of the islands are located a few hundred meters off the coast of Essaouira. This archipelago consists of two islands and small islets. The main island, which stretches over 30 acres, called the “Big Island” or “Islet of Mogador” is home to a mosque and some abandoned fortifications. The other island called “Pharaoh’s Island” is a magnificent place that has housed pottery and pottery from antiquity. This place is classified as an ornithological reserve and is home to a particular specimen: the falcon of Eleanor.

  1. Dakhla Lagoon

The Dakhla Lagoon stretches for about 40 km and is a true paradise for surfing, including kitesurfing and windsurfing. It is one of the best places in the world to learn or practice these water sports thanks to its constant wind and shallow water.

  1. Dakhla Attitude Camp

Dakhla Attitude Camp is located directly on the lagoon and is a must in the region. It consists of about 80 bungalows located on the sides of a hill overlooking the lagoon. In addition to offering a place for surfers, the place is also an ideal eco-lodge to be in harmony with nature. This camp offers tourists the concept of glamping or glamorous camping, combining the comfort of large hotels and the joys of the outdoors. It is also equipped with a nautical center, which offers windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons, wakeboarding and other sports activities. Many activities are available at the camp: kayaking, spa with hammam, massage, stand-up paddle.

  1. Dakhla’s oyster beds

The Dakhla region is known for its oyster exports. The Dakhla Lagoon is a protected area and benefits from very clean oysters. In addition to being harvested by hand, they are handled and stored with care. It is possible to observe the workers harvesting and checking the oysters in the morning.

Activities in Dakhla

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There is no shortage of activities in the Dakhla region besides Sliding such as surfing or kitesurfing. Here are some examples:

  • Take a catamaran ride on Dakhla Lagoon

There is nothing better than sailing through the turquoise waters of the lagoon aboard a catamaran to explore Dakhla. This is the perfect opportunity to observe pink flamingos, migratory birds and even dolphins.

  • Enjoy a natural pedicure session in Imlili

Imlili contains natural pools with tiny fish that will happily get rid of dead skin on your feet.

During a guided visit to the Dakhla oyster farm, do not forget to taste the tasty oysters of the region or the seafood tagines.

  • Take a ride on a motorcycle or quad

The Dakhla region is ideal for quad or motorcycle raids thanks to the Sahara desert plains and its hundreds of kilometers of beach.

The waters of Dakhla are known to be the richest in fish in the world. Fans of this discipline can practice surfcasting fishing in the sea or in the bay. Namely that the cracker is the region’s star fish.

  • Visit the ostrich farm

A local entrepreneur owns an ostrich farm just 8 km from the city. This is open to the public.

Dakhla, the mecca of kitesurfing

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Although not the most famous seaside destination in Morocco, Dakhla is popular with windsurfing enthusiasts from all over the world. It is known as the Mecca of kitesurfing. The region hosts a stage of the world championships in kitesurfing every year. It offers a navigation area to suit all rider profiles, from beginners to the most experienced surfer.

The sport of Dakhla is also conducive to others water activities. Especially windsurfing can be practiced there.

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