A “foot in the stirrup” in the heart of nature CAMPING VALDIE, July 10, 2022, Died.

A “foot in the stirrup” in the heart of nature
from Sunday 10 July to Saturday 23 July at CAMPING VALDIE
For a group of 44 children, the maximum is set aside: A cabin or a “summer kitchen and reception room” tent equipped with two refrigerators / freezers, a gas stove, a table and chairs A screened area adjacent to the kitchen with outdoor tables and chairs. A “dining room” cabin, tables and chairs A camping area for the tents – pre-youth group, Wooden cabins in the small village – children’s group, An outdoor playground (football, basket), A “campfire” area for evenings, Our educational project is developed and well thought out in synergy with the stay’s pedagogical team and the Leisure Center’s organizer in line with these pedagogical goals. An aperitif kiosk for sharing, A 100m2 party room for dance nights or activities sheltered from bad weather. Numerous shady areas, A room decorated in the woods for “building wooden huts”, A sanitary room with a boys ‘side and a girls’ side with 18 showers, 24 sinks and 10 toilets. Four dishwashing and washing areas, a washing machine available free of charge, a composter, a private beach by the river. Our camping stay aims to promote autonomy, to tend towards self-confidence and to discover others through their differences (of gender, customs, ethnicity, etc.). We offer several examples of games for co-creation depending on health events and recreational visits to our partners TRANSPORT The children will be accompanied by the educational team during the outbound and inbound journey. – The departure will be in Carpentras in front of the leisure center La Roseraie, Sunday at 9.00 with tourist bus or minibus depending on the number, and arrival is scheduled for Sunday at. 12.00 at Camping Valdie in Drôme. – The owners of Vally and Didier Chausse, “dynamic and friendly”, will provide a luggage trailer to load the bags of our budding adventurers because the campsite path does not allow the bus to enter. – After a memorable experience of this unique stay, our young people will be ready to take a return ticket by bus or minibus, whose departure is scheduled at. 09:00 and arrival at 12:00 Saturday in Carpentras in front of the center. STAY EDUCATION TEAM A director He is the guarantor of the respect of the education project; he ensures good communication between the various employees and is the leader of the stay. Its functions: – Develop and implement together with its animation team in accordance with ACM’s legal framework an education project in accordance with the education project and taking into account the reception of minors with health or disability. – Place his commitment in the social, cultural and educational context – Coordinate and ensure the training of the animation team; – Lead the staff and ensure the management of the reception; – Develop partnerships and communication; Transfer and share the values ​​of the republic, in particular the principle of secularism. – relationships with families; – Relations with the environment and the various partners. Activity leaders: An activity team consisting of two BAFA qualified activity leaders, BPJEPS LTP, a BAFA trainee and an activity leader with the option of a swimming instructor if possible – The team will have participated in the development of the training project for the stay. She will have prepared session and technical sheets, and will carry out the activities in accordance with the training project. These activity projects must make it possible to implement the objectives of the education project. – They have a duty to attend all the proposed meetings. OBJECTIVES The director’s educational intentions: Reminder of the educational objectives of the organizer’s educational project. Promoting independence among young people, – Developing social diversity among young people, – Promoting socialization with children, – Developing cohabitation with children, Educational intentions and operational goals – Leaving the family framework and institutions such as school: discovering a new environment, learning to take responsibility in daily life (care of personal belongings, etc.) – To be an actor during the stay: participate in daily chores, involve young people in the organization of the stay, arouse their curiosity and discover the events of the region. Develop creativity: decide on a tool (notebook, photo, video, song, etc.) to reproduce the stay, create a choreography (flash mob or crazy signs) – Transfer the values ​​by living together: experience community life, learning solidarity, learning tolerance, promote critical thinking, organize a 100% youth watch. Develop notions of respect in the community: establish speaking times (talking sticks, in the form of games), pitch tents with the team. – Make young people aware of the living world “nature, the surrounding ecosystem, fauna and flora”. Experience the joys of spending time during their stay: learning the art of being simple and striving for happy sobriety. Promote a Ludoconstructivist pedagogy: live and engage in experimental topics with the group such as discrimination, social diversity, sharing, cooperation, meditation, etc.

as part of the “learning colonies” operation of the Ministry of National Education.


Start and end dates and times (year – month – day – hour):
2022-07-10T09: 00: 00 2022-07-10T09: 30: 00; 2022-07-23T12: 00: 00 2022-07-23T12: 30: 00