AnimHo, education for animal welfare

In France, 68% of cat or dog owners consider their pet as a member of their family (IPSOS). Companions whose signals must be interpreted and their needs known in order to take care of them in the best possible way. AnimHo offers unique training with the aim of improving communication between animals and humans. Its mission: to raise awareness of animal welfare.

AnimHo: transmission of a passion for the animal world

It is not always possible to combine vocations and entrepreneurship. However, it is Marie Sutter’s successful efforts, the founder of this company, that is exclusively dedicated to animal behavior.

In addition to his commitment to animal welfare, the manager of AnimHo is an experienced professional:

  • animal behavior researcher and educator;
  • field guide in South Africa;
  • editor of a horse magazine;
  • trainer in cat, dog and horse behavior.

As distance learning now affects all areas, since January 2020, the young specialist in animal behavior has shared his knowledge and working methods on his site.

Animal welfare education AnimHo

Understanding animal behavior: learning open to all

Marie Sutter has chosen to appeal to a wide audience. To date, his site offers three types of deals.

The AnimHo Community platform gathers the essential knowledge for all those who want to learn at their own pace about the well-being of well-known or wild species. Experts provide the community with practical sheets, complete articles and videos. They offer meetings throughout the year through webinars and masterclasses reserved for members.

The director of AnimHo also designed AnimHo Online, an e-learning course on human-animal relationships. The content focuses on the behavior and well-being of horses, dogs and cats as well as positive training methods for all species. The theoretical and practical courses are accessible to all and are inspired by the problems that this specialist in human-animal relationships encounters in the field.

Based on her experience, Marie Sutter finally intends to train professionals in the sector or people who are in the process of retraining for the professions such as horse, cat or dog behavior researchers. Some prerequisites are nonetheless necessary to integrate the AnimHo Pro training. The training course is spread over 11 months. Students have the opportunity to participate in a week of face-to-face lessons at the end of the course, but the teaching can also only take place externally. In addition to the pre-recorded course modules, virtual classes allow future animal behavior researchers to directly benefit from the correction of exercises and practical cases prior to the validation of a professional dissertation.

In the coming months, two other projects will enrich AnimHo’s offer:

  • AnimHo Academy: workshops led by personalities from the animal world. The goal is to make information on expert topics available to everyone.
  • AnimHo Kidz which aims to make children aware of coexistence with animal species.

Because commitment is at the heart of this innovative training program, the profits from the AnimHo Community are offered to hand-picked animal and environmental protection associations. The success of Marie Sutter’s company therefore has a double challenge: to impart useful knowledge today, so that human-animal mating continues tomorrow.

Source: IPSOS: Animal welfare and the responsibility of animal ownersMay 2020.

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