Diam’s, which earned 2.6 million. EUR and lives in a luxury villa, is said to lose the business she started after converting to Islam

It’s now several years since Diam’s left the music scene. Today, the highly acclaimed former rapper runs a business, which she, however, loses.

Diam’s is an emblematic figure who shaped the world of music. Thanks to her magnificent songs, the singer has amazed Ile-de-France music lovers for several years. And it was a real success!

However, the former rap star’s life took a completely different turn afterwards. She ended her music career, converted to Islam and lived away from the limelight with her family. Therefore, Diam’s embarked on other projects to earn a living.

Diam’s during the reservation campaign for the 50th anniversary of Fnac at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images


As a reminder, it was in the ’90s that Diam’s became known to the general public. And if she managed to climb to the top, the interpreter of “La Boulette” would have a hard time with her success.

“At one point, the illness went over words (…) I ended up in a psychiatric clinic (…) I felt very guilty about being in my place. I did not consider myself different. “

she confided in an interview.

So after battling depression, the former rap star decided to change paths and find serenity through spirituality.

It is in truth in Islam that Diams has found his fullness. After ending his musical career, the native Cyprus decided to do everything to be happy and live away from the pressure.

Her goal since then has been to become a good wife, a good mother and also a good Muslim.

Rapper Diams. | Source: Getty Images


For many years, Diam’s lived very quietly with her husband and children. So, after more than ten years away from the music scene, she decided to “pick up the pen again”.

The singer shared the news on her Instagram account. For his comeback, the interpreter of the song “Night Confessions” also chose the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Singer Diams in Paris, France, March 8, 2008. | Photo: Getty Images

A documentary in which Mélanie Georgiades, her real name, tells what she calls “her truth”.

“There’s certainly the story of Diam behind the woman I am today, but it’s also a human story, and a quest that may resonate with the story of so many people who wonder how to find inner peace when they got lost in the labyrinth “of life”,

she shared.

The French rapper Diam’s. | Photo: Getty Images


When she was still a very famous rapper, Diam’s released many successful songs and albums. Projects that have made him make a lot of money.

The proof? In 2007, when she was at the top of her game, the interpreter of “Jeune Demoiselle” won third place in the “Top 10 of French fortunes”. At the time, 26 years old, the singer put 2.6 million euros on the counter.

Diam’s during the Victoires de la Musique in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images.

And all this thanks to the 740,000 albums “In my bubble” and 453,000 singles that she managed to sell.


After Diam left the music business, many people may wonder what she makes a living from.

And the answer is simple. In fact, while she was in Saudi Arabia, the former rap star launched several companies, linked to associative motives.

Portrait of Diam’s, October 1, 2007. І Source: Getty Images

First there was a stationery, called Flour of Flour. It’s actually a collection of products that it offers through an associative campaign “Big Up Project” that helps orphans in Africa.

The brand in particular has a weekly planner, which had been printed in a limited series, containing unpublished texts. And besides, it also has other products, such as luggage or decorative accessories.

Diam’s and Gilles Tessier (’50 Minutes Inside ‘) attend the Goom Radio Party at the VIP Room Theater Scala on October 16, 2008 in Paris, France. Ilde Source: Getty Images

Devoted woman as she is, the famous singer has also founded another company to earn a living away from the limelight. The one who converted to Islam actually owns a travel agency called Hégire Voyages.

“Today is a big day for me! @Heigrevoyages opens its doors!”,

she shared in 2020 that she announced the opening of the sign.

Diam’s, March 8, 2008. І Source: Getty Images


As a reminder, it was in February 2020 that the former very famous rapper and her husband founded their travel agency. This one in particular proposes to offer the Muslims the opportunity to come to make Umrah under the best conditions.

However, the project was not unanimous, as many people from the far right after the launch of the company showed dissatisfaction, criticized, insulted and threatened the founder, Mélanie Georgiades.

A real blow to the latter, because in addition to the negative reactions from people towards his agency, the singer also had to face another problem, caused by the pandemic.

In fact, due to the health crisis, Hégire Voyage has been forced to close its doors.


Few people know that in addition to her home in Arabia, Diam’s also lives in Morocco with her husband and children. Moreover, the former rap star, as a fan of social networks, never misses the opportunity to show pictures of his property to his many subscribers.

There is enough to be envious of elsewhere, as what many have seen on Instagram is a sumptuous villa with luxury furniture. Note that the house designed by the interpreter of “nightly confessions”, also has a swimming pool, a garden with palm trees and expensive rooms.

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