Dog competition: for what?

In France and around the world, there are a wide variety of dog competitions, based on aesthetics, sports, obedience, etc. But when you talk about dog shows, it basically refers to dog shows or beauty pageants. These competitions consist of evaluating an animal’s behavior and physique against the standards of its breed. Each competition has its own rules and conditions, defined by the Canine Central Society (SCC) or by the organizing body. But what is the use of these dog competitions? Let’s find out in the file.

Dog competition: for what?

The different categories of dog shows

When we talk about dog shows, it’s basically a matter of nominating beauty pageants and dog shows. Nevertheless, there are several categories of dog shows.

Beauty pageants or dog shows

Beauty pageants are individual dog pageants, which consist of examining and judging each dog in its category of sex and age. Each animal must be close to the standard of its breed and it receives a qualification (inadequate, good, excellent, etc.) according to its level.

Agility competitions

This very popular dog sport is the subject of competitions. To practice it, the dog and his master must follow a path with a variety of obstacles as quickly as possible while avoiding penalty points. Agility, valued for its entertaining and fun dimension, also helps strengthen the relationship between the animal and its master.

Obedience competitions

Born in England, this discipline is available to all dogs at least 12 months old, whether they have a pedigree or not. The obedience competitions are classified according to severity and include 10 levels of exercises that allow you to assess the doggie’s sociability and behavior.

Tracking competitions

Tracking competitions are derived from tracking, a dog sport that assesses the animal’s odor characteristics. Practiced outdoors consists of following a more or less difficult track that the dog must find objects along.

Dog competition: how does this event take place?

In France, the Central Canine Society (SCC), the regional dog associations and the breed clubs organize dog competitions. There are two categories of dog shows, namely all breed shows and breed specific shows.

Dog competitions: for which dogs?

Dog shows are only open to purebred dogs certified by Société centrale canine. Of course, when dog shows are only open to a particular breed, dogs of other breeds may not participate.

To compete, dogs must be adults – and therefore over a year old – and certified in the French Book of Origin (LOF).

Before any participation, it is mandatory to have your animal confirmed. Registration for a dog show must therefore be done well in advance, often several weeks or even months before the event. Registration is free of charge and the price is set freely by the organizers for each competition.

How does a dog show work?

A dog show or a dog show consists of having your animal examined by a jury to verify that it meets the standards expected for its breed.

The jury considers two points.

  • The physical characteristics of the dog : his physical characteristics must conform to the standards of his race, as well as his appearance. His general appearance is assessed, but also his fur and his teeth.
  • Behavioral characteristics : the jury examines the dog’s behavior. He should be calm, obedient to his master and as far as possible not afraid of jurors.

What is the reward of a dog show?

At the end of the show, all dogs receive a score in the form of a card based on their results. The ranking is as follows:

  • the red card is a mention of excellence, meaning that the animal comes as close as possible to the standards of its breed;
  • the blue card is a “very good” assessment, meaning that the animal is close to the standards of its breed, but that it has certain minor flaws;
  • the green card is a “good” assessment, which means that the animal meets the standards of its breed, but that it still has some defects;
  • the yellow card is a “fairly good” rating, meaning it is considered normal or its physical condition is considered poor.

The animal awarded the first prize will receive a Certificate of Compliance (CACS). If he receives several prizes, awarded by different juries, he can achieve the status of French standard compliance champion (CHCS).

Rewards have other effects on animals. They make it possible to increase the price of the females ‘puppies and the males’ protrusions.

How to register your dog for a dog show?

It is important to plan several weeks or months in advance to register your dog for a dog show. The dates for dog competitions are available in specialized magazines and the Central Dog Society.

He asks you to fill out and send a form with payment of the required participation fees. Remember that the price is freely set for each dog show by the organizers.

Before you validate your registration request, go into the class for your doggie. The different classes available are as follows:

  • the open male class (COM) or the open class for women (COF) available for animals over 15 months in international competitions or over 12 months in national competitions;
  • the middle class ;
  • the working class for dogs with a certificate from the dog-center community that allows working-class engagement and that entitles the holder to obtain a certificate of fitness for compliance with the standard (CACS) and a certificate of fitness for the International Beauty Championship (CACIB);
  • master class for national champion dogs;
  • the young class for dogs aged 9 to 18 months, allowing them to obtain an “excellent” qualification.

How do you prepare your dog for a show?

In order to participate in a dog show, it is important that the animal and its master prepare well in advance.

physical preparation

To be presentable and all in beauty, the dog must follow a physical preparation. He must be in good health and have good teeth. His coat should be shiny, which is why it is often necessary to take supplements (prescribed by the vet) several months before the event.

In addition, the animal must go to a specialized groomer to present a perfect coat and a general look to the competition. His hair should be well brushed and silky soft, perfectly clean, especially at the height of his paws and around his ears, his nose and his eyes. Nevertheless, his master should be able to do some last-minute touch-ups before the show, if necessary, because the care should be performed a few days before the show and not the day before. It must therefore be brushed regularly throughout the competition, but also nourished and moisturized for its well-being.

Behavior preparation

It is important that the animal is well trained to participate in a dog show. He must be obedient and calm, fearless. He must be well socialized and tolerate noise so as not to react badly in the crowd.

During the show, the dog must be able to stand straight and motionless, walk more or less quickly on a leash and let himself be manipulated by jurors without reacting.

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