Find out what places you should definitely see in Morocco this summer!

Summer is fast approaching. Which also means you will finally be able to go on a trip! Why not Morocco?

Morocco is an increasingly popular tourist destination. In fact, it allows you to discover North African culture at a lower price. Located at the northwestern end of the vast African continent, Morocco is only a few minutes flight from Europe.

Basically, there really is no reason not to visit it at least once in our lives. Are you looking for a good place for your summer holiday 2022? Well, you know where to go!

2022 trip to Morocco: a gastronomic wealth

In fact, you can find a variety of typical dishes, all of which are incredibly delicious and original! In addition, the culture is unique and the prices of the products are affordable. It’s the perfect 2022 travel destination for those on a tight budget! There are also a number of cultural tips and things to know before flying to Morocco.

Starting with its indisputable gastronomy! Located just below the Mediterranean Sea, Moroccan cuisine offers ingredients similar to those in countries such as Spain, Italy or Greece. But better, as their recipe is the mix of culture in its countries. Choosing Morocco as your 2022 travel address can allow you to discover other cultures in the culinary field!

Peaches, cherries, oranges, dates and figs, all of which are sweeter and juicier are the best fruits in Morocco. You will have the opportunity to taste several varieties of Cocktails, it is not the choice of taste that is missing. Taking a trip in 2022 to this country located in North Africa is synonymous with culinary adventure. But that’s not all! Do you know what his typical meals?

Among all the traditional Moroccan dishes there is couscous served with meat or sautéed vegetables, omelettes served with bread and olive oil and fresh sardines grilled by the river in the Meknes suburb of Walili. A summer vacation 2022 that you will remember for a long time! Also, drinking tea is a common custom in Moroccan hospitality. In fact, hot drinks seem to help cool body temperature and quench thirst.

These places of worship that you should definitely visit!

On these sunny days, the urge to swim is more than likely. For this, Morocco offers us the breathtakingly beautiful waterfall of Ouzoud . This is located at the geological site Oued Ouzoud. If you are planning to take a trip in 2022 to this beautiful country, consider including this beautiful destination. It is a “must visit”!

you are in love with artistic and very colorful cities ? Consider visiting Chefchaouen! A place with idyllic and super original surroundings! Also remember to include Legzira in your list of addresses to visit during this trip in 2022, its wild beach will be a great place for surfers!

One of the other reasons why Morocco is a great place to visit is its varied geography ! The country not only has heavenly beaches and vast expanses of desert, it also has mountains … There are plenty of them in the “Gorges du Dadès”. A place to visit if you are planning a trip in 2022 to this North African country.

Despite its age and architecture, Meknes is on the list of the best places to visit during your 2022 trip to Morocco. For information, Meknes is a 9th-century medina and one of the country’s former capitals. Explore them main historical sites such as Moulay Ismail’s Mausoleum, Bab Mansour, Dar Jamai Museum, etc.

Travel: also consider these addresses!

Located on the North Atlantic coast of Morocco, the the coastal city of Asilah is popular with tourists and citizens as a hot summer place. The beauty of the city makes this city one of the best places to visit in Morocco! We only have one life, set your sights on it for your next trip in 2022!

Who says, says Morocco the Sahara Desert. The latter is a must-visit place when you go on a trip to this island in 2022. Enjoy the magnificent sunset over the dunes while gazing at the sky filled with bright stars!

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