Health: how elected officials in Revel “fire all wood” to ward off threat from medical desert

The care center aims to combat the shortage of doctors and alleviate congestion in emergencies
After opening a municipal health center, Revel City Hall plans to pay its own doctors to maintain an adequate supply of care in its area. (© adobestock – illustration photo)

Create favorable conditions forinstallation of health personnel in the municipality to match the care supply according to demand and thus fight against the risk of medical desertification. This is the goal pursued by the elected representatives at City Hall in Revel since the beginning of the mandate.

A policy particularly illustrated by the opening of a municipal health center in November 2021. In these premises, which the municipality rents and is made available to health professionals, health consultations are offered. cardiovascular medicineofobstetricsoforthoptics or even off dermatology.

The place also houses school medical centerthat municipal house sports health or consultations of a occupational physician.

More retirements by doctors

In the spring of 2022, the municipality decided to go a little further in its strategy. During the municipal council meeting on Friday 22 April, the elected representatives of Revel thus approved the implementation of a “municipal health plan”.

Presented by the Deputy Mayor in charge of care support, Jerome Garciathe unanimous vote of the members of the municipal assembly describes the procedure:

“With at least four GPs based in the municipal area expected to retire within the next five years, it seems necessary to explore other avenues that would make it possible to compensate for these departures by promoting doctors’ practices. This is especially true of offering the opportunity to exercise in the form of an employee of the municipality.

Doctors will soon be employed in the municipality

Specifically, the municipality will therefore be closerRegional National Board of Health to get permission to recruit doctors under employee status.

To achieve this, a file will be compiled, including a diagnosis of the territory, a coordinated care plan with the health personnel in the area and internal rules for the structure, the purpose of which is tooptimize the care offer and of ensure the proper organization of unplanned care.

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“Ultimately, the interest is to be able to have one FINESS number to invoice the health insurance for the actions performed by the health professionals that are to constitute the structure ”, clarifies the consideration that the elected representatives have voted.

Difficulty finding a doctor

As a reminder, in February last year, the elected representatives of Revel had already approved the municipality’s candidacy for the call for expressions of interest launched by the Occitanie region. creation of a public interest group (GIP).

The purpose of this structure is to support development of houses and centers multiprofessional healthcare. An approach that the mayor of Revel, Laurent Hourquethad then justified in these terms:

“We already have a lot of tensions with people who are having trouble finding a treating doctor who will accept them. Given the age pyramid and four doctors’ departure from retirement within the next four or five years, the difficulties will only grow. “years are tomorrow! Especially when we know the inertia of educating doctors. I think we’re paying for a lot of bad health policies in previous years and even decades. Revel is no exception.”

Telemedicine, grants for medical studies …

During this same municipal council meeting in February, the mayor of Revel had already mentioned a whole series of roads to explore to combat the threat of medical desertification.

“I do not think there is a miracle solution, one and only. There are many things that need to be in place: becoming a member of the GIP is one, considering paying the doctors themselves is another, talking telemedicine is a third way, to develop advanced practice is a fourth, and there may also be the solution of providing subsidies for medical studies against having a certain guarantee of occupancy of our premises everything is on the subject, even if it is not a municipality’s original task to take care of health “But given the situation, if we do not get started, our fellow citizens will have great difficulty.”

Laurent HourquetMayor of Revel

Led by Jérôme Garcia, this policy, which aims to maintain an adequate supply of care in the area, also finds a variation at the inter-municipal level. Recently have community of municipalities Lauragais Revel Sorézois thus voted a number of tax exemptions to promote the installation of doctors but also veterinarians.

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