How to eradicate ticks in the garden without pesticides? Here are 5 natural methods to try!

Contrary to popular belief, they are found only in tall grass in the forest, ticks also bite in gardens. In Western Europe, 30-50% of tick bites occur in private gardens and municipal parks. How to eradicate ticks in the garden without pesticides? Here are 5 natural solutions for you.

how to remove ticks in the garden in 2022

rafts, Ixodes ricinus, as wetlands to survive, and inhabited by a wide variety of animals (rodents, deer, birds and lizards) to feed and reproduce. Here are some simple ways to avoid being bitten by these mites, which are responsible for Lyme disease, among other things. It’s this way!

Worm cure your pets

worm dogs against ticks 2022

This is the first thing you should do if you have pets at home. In fact, our best friends can bring back adult ticks that can lay thousands of eggs in our parks and gardens. To avoid this, pets should be dewormed regularly, either mechanically or using repellents or acaricides.

worm cats against ticks

If wildlife regularly roams your home, then you may want to consider installing a fence. You need to know that ticks move primarily thanks to the animals they feed on: domestic animals, but also birds and small rodents. For example, you should know that deer are the food source for more than three-quarters of adult ticks. So take your precautions!

Mow your lawn

beat the lawn against ticks

To preserve biodiversity and benefit the insects that are useful to your garden, you can choose regularly cut corners and other wilder ones. In the former you can go there daily, while the latter may involve the risk of the presence of ticks while there is room for pollinating insects.

bark chips against ticks

Installing bark chips around wet and wild areas can be a solution. To do this, simply place strips one meter wide on the ground consisting of sand, gravel or bark to form a natural barrier. This dry bark chip prevents animals from passing and therefore ticks from moving.

hens in the garden against ticks 2022

Because guinea fowl and hens are formidable tick eaters, having them in your garden will protect you from these invaders. Another possibility: confront them with their own parasites: microscopic worms of different species. Don’t worry, they remain completely harmless to humans and pets. First, mix the worms with water. Then spread them around in your garden and make sure to keep the treated area moist for a good week. This will allow the worms to establish themselves well.

Use stinging nettle fertilizer

stinging nettle manure against ticks 2022

Nettle manure is a very useful preparation for the kitchen garden or ornamental garden both because of its natural fertilizer and pest control properties. If it deserves its name because of the rotten odor it emits, the manufacture is not the simplest and the results are often there. Like aromatic plants such as lavender, basil or thyme, stinging nettle fertilizer is often used by gardeners. This is because the ticks would locate themselves thanks to odor traces.

tea tree essential oil against ticks 2022

To protect yourself, some essential oils have a repellent effect. Tea Tree essential oil is known to be the most effective against ticks thanks to the terpin-4-ol. This family of molecules is antiparasitic. It will penetrate the cells, altering the cell membranes and the intracellular constituents of the parasites. It will therefore prevent their development and cause their death. Here is a solution to spray on your risk areas:

blend essential oils against ticks 2022

All you have to do is introduce the mixture of essential oils with the modified alcohol in an evaporator. Finally, spray the surfaces where fleas and ticks can be found: pillows, blankets, bedding or dog bed.

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