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Neighbor kittens digging in your garden are a nuisance. It can even be your own cat! Cats are carnivorous, so their feces may contain parasites or pathogens. This is worrying because most of us plan to eat the foods they grow. Try the following solutions to keep cats away from your beloved kitchen garden!

Types of natural repellents to keep cats away from plantations

how to keep cats away from the garden

Cats can be discouraged from digging into your garden beds and flower beds or wandering around your property with a few clever tricks. Be sure to change tactics regularly. Finally, a new kitten in the neighborhood may not be as responsive to your usual methods.

Thorny surfaces are the best solution to deter cats

what to do to keep cats away from the garden

Cats prefer to walk on soft, loose ground and will avoid thorny surfaces. Make your garden beds less inviting or less wasteful. Try these cheap, recycled and simple solutions:

1. Cover the garden soil, where cats frequent, with twigs until your spring plants and flowers are established. Place them a few inches apart in bed.

2. Push pine cones or other thorny garden debris (perhaps fall leaves) into the ground around your plants. You can also use rock soil, eggshells, holly cuttings or recycled plastic mats with the end facing up.

reject cats from plants

3. Recycle wooden sticks as garden poles! Experiment at intervals. The idea is to place them at sufficiently close intervals that the kittens have difficulty turning around.

4. Lay chicken nets or pieces of plastic fence on the ground. Trellis pieces can also work.

Reuse net bags from onions or potatoes by spreading them on the ground and anchoring them with twigs or poles.

Use odors to repel garden cats

repel garden cats

A cat’s nose is very sensitive to odors. Some plants give off aromas that repel animals. One of these plants, Coleus canina, is also useful if you want to keep your dogs away from your landscape. Other plants recommended for keeping felines away from gardens are rue, garlic, lavender, rosemary, pepper and basil. Plant them between your other plantings.

Cats apparently do not like the smell of dried blood (found in blood meal fertilizers) or citrus fruits. Throw peels of oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits directly on the garden soil.

reject cats from the kitchen garden

It can also be effective to sprinkle the floor with coffee grounds. Get big bags for free at most local cafes!

The smell of human hair is said to deter cats from urinating near plants. Empty your brushes in the garden and take back your territory! (Avoid mothballs, they are toxic to animals and humans).

DIY vinegar spray

Easy to make at home by mixing white vinegar with water, vinegar spray has proven to be very effective in many situations. Not only does it repel cats, but it is also effective in keeping birds and other creatures away. Just apply it to all the areas where tomcats like to leave their territorial marks.

do-it-yourself cat remedy

Lemongrass spray

Lemongrass oil is well known and widely respected as an effective insect and animal repellent. To make a spray, simply add about 30 drops of lemongrass to a cup of water and use a spray bottle.

Fences to keep cats away from the kitchen garden

how to keep cats away from plants

Use physical barriers such as chicken wire around the plant bed. Cats hate pointed materials that keep them from sitting or relaxing.

Water to deter cats from visiting your garden

how to keep cats away from the garden

Water is another type of physical barrier that is similar to kryptonite for cats. When catching animals in the forbidden area, try spraying them with a water gun. This method reinforces the idea that they are unwanted in your plant bed. Since you can not sit in your garden all day, every day, you can get a sprinkler device that detects the presence of an uninvited guest and sends a stream of water to them.

If your visitor has a favorite spot, clean the area well with a garden hose (or water from your rain barrel) to remove the odor or sprayed urine. Boost your cleaning with environmentally friendly liquid Castilla soap on doors, garden furniture and more.

Sound to scare cats away

trick to keep cats away from the garden

Cats have a much higher hearing range than humans. Try DIY wind chimes, motion-sensitive bells or even rocks or pebbles in a jar that rattles as the animals approach.

Create a “cat-friendly” zone to keep cats away from plants

how to repel cats from plants

If you do not want the cats to leave your property completely, but want to prevent them from searching the entire garden, then find a compromise. Plant a separate bed of catnip in a small corner of the yard. The rest of the space will be left alone if you also make a sandbox for the cats.

Build a “chatio” to help cats break the positive attachment to your vegetable patch

how to repel cats from your garden

Assuming it’s your cat you need to deter, build an outdoor enclosure to save your garden, as well as birds and other wildlife from its attacks.

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