Nature Getaways Celebrates Their 20th Anniversary!

Atypical visits and activities to discover Calvados in a different way

Between able to and October, Calvado’s nature offers its most beautiful, richest and most original features. In the heart of a forest or through the marsh, in a conservatory or near a spring, on the banks of the Orne or the dives, on the beach at low tide or on the heights of Normandy, Switzerland, visitors discover these spaces accompanied by a guide , who shares his experience and passion with them. The ever-increasing number of partners offers a wide range of excursions that everyone can discover go, by bike, with kayak, on a boat Where connectedthe natural resources and the hidden treasures of the department.

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Nature excursions in sensitive nature areas (ENS)

This year, 55 outputs are programmed on Sensitive nature areas (ENS) to immerse visitors and more experienced hikers in the heart of the most beautiful places, to unlock their most intimate secrets: the marsh of Ver-Meuvaines, the Ajon valley, the cliffs of Vaches Noires, the waterfalls of the return bridge, etc. The department of Calvados has a unique and diversified natural heritage which he very early undertook to protect and improve. Since over 35 yearsperforms the decisive action in favor of the ESA, its territory, places recognized for their ecological and landscape interest and their ability to welcome the public.

Anniversary at Naturens Hus and the estuary

Because one does not turn 20 every day, the Department of Calvados arranges an afternoon of entertainment (14.00 – 18.00) kl House of Nature and the estuary (MNE) in Sallenelles with the presentation of his educational hot air balloon. In addition to immersing yourself and enjoying the sensitive natural space in the Orne estuary, visit the museum and its exhibition Plankton, show me the invisible, Planet Science will offer educational, fun and scientific workshops to discover how a hot air balloon works.

  • Workshops for 6 – 10 year olds (duration 45 min)
    Realizing a model of a hot air balloon running on helium to understand the difference in density between gases, work on your ability to follow a plan and build a functional technical object.
  • Workshops for 10 – 16 year olds
    Realization of a hot air balloon to understand the principle of lifting and realize a complex technical object involving precise instructions at the technical level as well as on the concepts of safety.

Some excursions you must not miss:

Canoeing on Elle

Following Elle’s course, this kayak trip in the middle of the Calvados rivers is probably one of the best ways to take the time to discover Isigny-sur-Mer and its surroundings, between land, sea and bogs, accompanied by a guide.

Walk in the land of the bark

There are as many bark as there are trees, let’s rediscover this diversity by touch! Accompanied by the facilitators of Caen plant garden and Crepanyou will be able to sensually discover the bark of the trees in the Jardin des Plantes with visually impaired and blind people next door Cécitix Association.

Bota Sophro on the shores of the D-Day beaches

Two Estelle, a botanist, the other sophrologist and guide, lovers of nature and its treasures will accompany you on this hike near the D-Day beaches. A friendly moment associated with well-being for an energizing moment.

The Cliffs of the Black Rocks

On the way to the coast, associations Geo Paleo Archéo de Houlgate invites you to discover this little known place, a remarkable heritage that reveals a natural geological part of the Pays d’Auge.

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