One health: when the health of ecosystems, animals and humans are intertwined

“La Fabrique des Pandémies” taken from the eponymous book by Marie-Monique Robin, written in collaboration with Serge Morand, attempts to understand and document the link between erosion of biodiversity and the emergence of infectious diseases. In this documentary, whose previews take place in France from April 22 to May 22, many scientists are in favor of “One Health” approaches.

The film takes us to seven countries, including Thailand with Serge Morand and Gabon with Hadrien Vanthomme.

Bushmeat consumption and health risk management in Gabon

In Gabon, Hadrien Vanthomme, a researcher at CIRAD, is working with local stakeholders (department of Mulundu) to create a legal supply chain for meat from wild animals that is sustainable and healthy. Bushmeat, commonly consumed in Gabon, can actually be a gateway for pathogens from wildlife to humans. “In collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Center for Medical Research and Franceville (CIRMF), a zoonotic risk monitoring system in Gabon, in a One Health approach, will be deployed,” said Hadrien Vanthomme.

We see him in the documentary with the hunters in the village of Bembicani presenting the objectives of the SWM project, within the framework of which he carries out these activities. In Gabon, ten villages are developing community hunting management plans. SWM is an international initiative of the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), funded by the EU, FFEM and AFD, in 15 countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

The example of the rat, as a virus reservoir species, in Southeast Asia

In Thailand, Serge Morand, a health ecologist, was interested in rats, their natural environment and the viruses they carry. This work makes it possible to estimate the areas at risk of the emergence of diseases according to the presence of these species in them and their proximity to humans. Knowing that many species have been led to migrate and to approach places of human life due to the destruction of their habitats.

Erosion of biodiversity and the emergence of new infectious diseases

In 2014, Serge Morand conducted one of the first studies that pointed to the link between the emergence of infectious diseases and erosion of biodiversity … In the film, Serge Morand shows how maps of deforestation, loss of biodiversity and new disease infections are equated.

Serge Morand also warns against the increase in livestock, which poses a health risk in several respects.

The film will be shown in preview, including:

  • in Geneva on 4 Mayin parallel with the Geneva Health Forum
  • 10 weather forecast for Montpellierin parallel with a virtual global summit on covid-19.

Marisa Peyre, an epidemiologist, will answer questions from the public after these two screenings, with Serge Morand (CNRS) in Geneva and Rodolphe Gozlan (IRD) in Montpellier.

In particular, she will talk about the international PREZODE initiative, which aims to prevent risks of zoonotic occurrences and pandemics and to strengthen international collaborations on this topic.

The film will be broadcast on May 22 on Ushuaïa TV and on May 23 on the entire French TV overseas La 1ère network.

Dates and times for previews for online registration can be found here.

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