Pamiers. The Soli’Rozs are preparing a solidarity march in the Moroccan Sahara

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Lauriane Ferraro, Sabrina Palauqui and Audrey Martinet are participating in the Rose Trip in October, a solidarity walk that takes place over 4 days in the Moroccan desert. The profits are then donated to the Ruban rose association.

Between October 28 and November 1, they will be in the heart of the Moroccan Sahara. Alone in the world. Well, not exactly. Last year, during its third edition, the Rose Trip hike gathered 180 teams. All women. Lauriane Ferraro, Sabrina Palauqui and Audrey Martinet, three friends, have decided to take up the challenge in this solidarity “race” (read box). A priori, there was nothing that predetermined the trio to take up the challenge of walking and trudging for three days in the desert sands. “During the first incarceration, confides Audrey, 41. I started playing sports. Running.” From there, to say that she continued, there is a step that her two teammates do not cross. But they promise one thing: “We will take it seriously now.” Because perseverance they need it, even if the Rose Trip hike is not a fight against the clock.

They set up their association to participate in the funding

“I discovered Rose Trip on the Internet, and I liked the idea of ​​participating in an adventure whose profits are donated to an association that supports research into breast cancer,” says Audrey. “It was she who launched the idea, confirms Lauriane, 37, and we did not hesitate.”

The three fighters set up their association Soli’Roz in January 2021 with the intention of participating in the October issue last year. The project was finally postponed for a year.

But in good time before they face sand and dunes, Soli’Roz must balance their budget estimated at 7,000 euros. In seven months, other challenges will have to be solved. Like orientation. For now, all three laugh. If Audrey and Sabrina thought they could count on Lauriane and her experience in military parachute preparation, it’s gratifying to say the least. “In the topographic exercises, I was always the weakest, Lauriane admits in a big burst of laughter. Orientation is really not my thing, but we have to train in using a compass”, she assures – she. Sabrina, meanwhile, will be responsible – at least her two teammates hope – for alleviating everyday wounds. But nothing has been gained, says the liberal nurse. “I need a patch or two lying in my backpack. But what I’m definitely taking is Smecta.”

Meanwhile, Sabrina and Lauriane have taken a step ahead of Audrey. “I exercise, I muscle my thighs and buttocks,” the nurse clarifies, while Lauriane explains running “two to three times a week.” Audrey, who has not yet resumed “competition”, promised to make an effort and stop the consumption of sweets as soon as possible. “Nothing is impossible in life, she assures. And then we are fighters.” The motivation they will look for elsewhere. “We are women and we can all be affected directly or indirectly by breast cancer. We just want to represent Ariège. It is a matter that is close to our hearts,” Audrey launches, before putting a little pressure on his team. “It’s fun, but I also want to be well placed.” Lauriane and Sabrina have been warned: It will not be a matter of strolling along the way.

Motivated and supported by their loved ones, the three teammates have urgent deadlines to meet: balance the budget, buy racing equipment and prepare physically. By September, last carat, registrations will be closed.

A solidarity walk with map and compass

The Soli’Roz will have three days of orientation to take up. The 17 to 20 km long stages are not “a race against the clock”, the organizers of the raid explain. But they also do not happen in 4 hours. The best walk or run 6 to 7 hours a day. the less seasoned have to struggle up to 10 hours a day in the sand. In terms of equipment, competitors are only entitled to a good old compass, a paper map and a topographic protractor. “Every night, the teams receive, the organizer specifies, the profile for the next day’s stage. They have to go through a certain number of beacons and validate them. The direction of passage has no effect … but it is they who have to make a calculation the night before to drive so few kilometers as possible.A race that combines head and legs.

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