Return of good weather and sand from the Sahara, but risk of new frost in France 09/04/2022

Temporary frost before the return of mild weather and good weather:

Storm Diego evacuated to Italy over the weekend after bringing very erratic weather to France. Behind, the shift in the flow to the northwest made it possible for cold air at altitude to rush towards the land again.

Animation of temperatures at 850 hPa across Europe from Friday, April 8, to Sunday, April 10, 2022 – GFS model via WX CHARTS

Indignant the return of snow on the plain in mid-Aprilthis cold air and the clear sky also led to new frost as far as the plain between the western and northern part of the country this morning, April 9, 2022.

Minimum temperatures recorded in France this Saturday, April 9, 2022 – Weather cities

We were thus able to find:

  • -1.9 ° C in Charleville-Mézières (08)
  • -1.6 ° C in Lussac-Les-Châteaux (86) and Chaillac (36)
  • -1.5 ° C in Genouillac (23)
  • -1.4 ° C in Pleordut (56)
  • -1.3 ° C in Plouay (56)
  • -1.1 ° C in Tusson (16), Guéret (23) and Douzy (08)
  • -0.8 ° C in Parthenay (79) and Fontenay (85)
  • -0.7 ° C in Hirson (02)
  • -0.5 ° C in Metzervisse (57)

If these frosts are far from reaching the values ​​observed in early April, the return of cold weather is again difficult for certain crops in the above regions, especially as a relatively mild sea still prevailed there in recent days.

With the return of high pressure conditions and therefore a generally clear night from Saturday the 9th to Sunday the 10th. the risk of frost will spread widely at the start of the day on Sunday 10 April in France, affecting many sectors.

Risk of frost and minimum temperatures is expected in France on Sunday, April 10, 2022 – Via WoFrance

These frosts will nevertheless be short-lived since the establishment of a southern current will lead to a gradual rise in temperatures from the beginning of next week. The risk of frost is therefore pushed back to the northeastern part of the country from Monday morning before disappearing on the plain Tuesday.

Risk of frost and minimum temperatures is expected in France on Sunday, April 10, 2022 – Via WoFrance

Temperatures will then rise well for a good part of the week from 11 to 17 April with a southerly current bringing a temporary very causal feeling in France in front of a low-pressure zone advancing towards Spain.

Atmospheric situation is expected across Europe on Monday, April 11, 2022 -ECMWF

Thus, this weekend’s coolness and frost will only be very temporary temperatures that observe a sudden rise from the beginning of next week. If the morning of Monday 11 April will still be cold in places, the peaks will find spring-like appearance over almost all of France and even warm near the Pyrenees and in southern Aquitaine.

Development of maximum temperatures and sensitive weather between Saturday 9 and Monday 11 April 2022 – Weather cities

The weather will also temporarily improve thanks to the temporary return of high pressure with a much more present sun over a large majority of the country. However, the south current will also rhyme a new episode of dust rising from the sands of the Sahara, the sky will therefore be able to assume a very milky appearance.

Concentrations of Sahara sand dust over France on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 – SKIRON

Return of colder air at the end of next week?

In some scenarios, the spring feeling, however, could prove to be short-lived. The isolation of the low pressure area over the Mediterranean at the end of the week can actually lead to one new shift in the current to the north / north-east with the arrival of cooler or even quite cold air through northern Europe.

Atmospheric situation predicted across Europe on Saturday 16 April 2022 –ECMWF

Thereby, temperatures may drop again as early as next weekendtaber sometimes more than 10 ° C in 48/72 hours in many regions.

Development of maximum temperatures between Thursday the 14th and Sunday the 17th of April – Weather cities

This air is more anticyclonic, dry and clear conditions could again be favorable for some night frosts where the cold air will be most present at altitude.

Possible minimum requirements in case of a cold scenario in France for Sunday, April 17, 2022 – Weather cities

However, this location is still unclear, as the situation is favorable for the circulation of small cold droplets, almost impossible to understand exactly on such a time scale. The models actually vary greatly from one update to another.

Comparison of the models of the GFS 00z and 06z model from Saturday, April 9, to Saturday, April 16, 2022 – GFS model via WX CHARTS

However, the situation is favorable for a clear cooling and a possible return of frost for next weekend. after a much milder and spring-like period, a bit like the weather observed for several weeks in our country.

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