Ten essential things from the Fête de la Nature from 18 to 22 May!

15 days from the 16thand edition of the Fête de la Nature which takes place from 18 to 22 May throughout France, 10 events have received the award “Coup de coeur” by being illustrated either with an original and sometimes even rare format, a rich and varied program , or by new forms of mediation. Arranged by professionals or individuals, these events will give the public a unique experience in contact with nature. Once again, the organizers were creative and passionate!

The biggest event in France dedicated to nature will be back in May for a 16and edition rich in promises of discovery, always closer to nature. Again this year, hundreds of organizers from all over France have responded and offer the public a cozy moment to celebrate nature. Already 1300 seats have been built and the mobilization continues! The full program can be viewed fetedelanature.com.

The 10 favorites from the Fête de la Nature 2022 team

24 hours biodiversity at Prunelli di Fium’OrbuBeginners and confirmed, specialists and generalists, curious, neophytes, from Prunelli or elsewhere, the public are invited to participate in workshops on discoveries and inventory of biodiversity for 24 hours.From 20 to 22 May in the Prunelli di Fium’Orbu (20) of the CPIE for the Center CorseThe opinion of the Fête de la Nature team: mobilizing many actors and acquiring different themes, while promoting the Atlas of Communal Biodiversity approach, a great way to raise awareness among participants and residents and give them the opportunity to (rediscover) nature close to home!

Germaine Tillion’s garden Lan Dreff – The Kerouzine site in Plouhinec overlooks the Petite mer de Gâvres. An oasis of peace where Germaine Tillion, ethnologist and heroine of the resistance who entered the Panthéon on May 27, 2015, has shaped a garden full of different atmospheres. A place that will be open to the public for the first time on the occasion of the Fête de la Nature.May 18 in Plouhinec (56) at Dunes Sauvages from Gâvres to QuiberonThe opinion of the Fête de la Nature team: a favorite both for the interest of the famous resistance fighter and prominent ethnologist who occupied these places, in the rich and varied nature that populates this garden, as well as by the diversity of actors participating in the rehabilitation project (Conservatoire du littoral, network of major sites in France, municipality of Plouhinec). An opportunity to discover this unusually open garden for the Fête de la Nature.

City of Pleasure ProgramThe town of Plaisir offers a generous program of 17 activities to celebrate nature. The public will be able to discover the nocturnal biodiversity or learn to recognize the different tree or insect species found in the territory. But also join a treasure hunt in the castle park, a photo excursion or workshops to secure your garden for hedgehogs. The fauna and flora of the Cranne pond will also be honored.From 18 to 22 May in Plaisir (78) near the town of PlaisirThe opinion of the Fête de la Nature team: a favorite program that addresses a wide range of themes from the 16th.and edition of the Fête de la Nature and which offers a wide range of activities, topics and environments.

Go and bivouac in the heart of a protected natureThe association La Frênette, head of the Aulon Regional Nature Reserve, offers an adventure in the high mountains, supervised by a mountain guide, over two days, with bivouac under the stars to discover the local fauna and flora in the heart of the nature reserve. Finally, what better way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the network of nature reserves!From 21 to 22 May, from kl. 15:00 to 10:00, in Aulon (65) by the La Frênette Association, head of the Aulon Regional Nature ReserveThe meaning of the Fête de la Nature team: a true immersion in nature, in the heart of a nature reserve. Rare and precious times for the public, guaranteed memories.

Biodiversity in the viewfinder of a camera trapIn the field, in the forest, participants will be able to discover the use of a camera trap and its significance in scientific surveillance. They will get to know the different species found on the site, their characteristics and lifestyle. A way to observe wildlife full of surprises.May 22 from 3pm to 4.30pm in Bayonne (64) near the town of Bayonne – Plaine d’Ansot MuseumThe opinion of the Fête de la Nature team: the photo trap, a tool appreciated by naturalists, is used here as a vector for mediation. It is a very interesting experience to share for the public and which is likely to make some people want to capture moments of life close to home!

Like a fish in waterAfter following a fun workshop that presents the lagoon’s natural environment, you will need to equip yourself with wetsuits, flippers, mask and snorkel to immerse yourself in the lagoon’s mysterious and little known water …May 22 from kl. 14:00 to 18.00 in Barcarès (66) by the Council of Ministers of the Pyrénées-OrientalesThe opinion of the Fête de la Nature team: an original dive that is rarely practiced in the lagoon.

The open doors to my gardenThis garden owner offers to discover the biodiversity of our landscape by visiting and participating in the activities offered in a friendly and festive moment. Treasure hunt, quiz, discovery workshops, participation in the annual garden bird count and photo competition … There is something for everyone for the family!May 21 and 22, all day, in Ligny-en-Barrois (55) by Elina GarciaOpinion of the Fête de la Nature team: many activities to discover the fauna and flora of a garden. No need to be a nature professional to offer a varied and friendly program, in line with the values ​​of the Fête de la Nature.

Botanical brandsArmed with chalk, the group will go on a hunt for what some call “weeds” to put them in the spotlight! Between street art and botany, this excursion promises to be full of surprises!May 22 from kl. 9 a.m. to noon in Chalonnes-sur-Loire (49) by LPO AnjouThe opinion of the Fête de la Nature team: an idea launched by Toulouse botanist Boris Presseq, taken up as a new means of mediation to discover nature.

It’s up to you to play and tickThanks to an observation booklet, the public will search in teams for the most plants and animals listed in the Atlas of Municipal Biodiversity (ABC) species!May 21 from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm in Puycapel (15) at Puycapel MunicipalityFête de la Nature team opinion: this competition, led by the municipality of Puycapel, allows participants to tick off the observed species from an observation booklet. This animation is a great way to raise awareness and make residents aware of the species discovered as part of the Atlas of Communal Biodiversity.

From -160 million years to today, the fauna of the Yonne Valley by canoeDeparture from Rochers du Saussoi’s coral reef, a walk along the water to discover the geology and fauna of the valley as far as Mailly-le-Château.May 21 from kl. 9.00 to 12.30 in Merry-sur-Yonne (89) at the Burgundy Nature ConservatoriesThe opinion of the Fête de la Nature team: This animation was selected for the diversity of topics covered, between sport, geology, history and the discovery of wildlife …

About the Nature Festival
For 16 years, the Fête de la Nature has invited everyone to organize an event to celebrate nature, all over France. A unique moment that takes place every year closer to May 22, on the occasion of the International Day for Biodiversity. The goal: to enable everyone to reconnect with nature. Associations, communities or individuals welcome nature lovers for free for a day, to discover their garden, which houses many sometimes unknown species, participate in a biodiversity inventory or even enjoy a guided walk.

Historically supported by the Ministry of Ecological Transformation and by the French Office for Biodiversity since its inception, the Fête de la Nature mobilizes more than 40 national partners involved in nature conservation, including major associations, public and private actors such as EDF, MGEN, RTE.

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