The most beautiful landscapes in Saudi Arabia

Although Saudi Arabia is home to much of the world’s largest sand desert, Rub ‘al Khali, its landscapes are not limited to arid dunes. You will find a varied topography of mountains, forests, coral reefs and beaches that would have nothing to envy them in the Caribbean.

To protect its precious landscapes, Saudi Arabia has launched a series of sustainability commitments under the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI). It involves, for example, planting 10 billion trees and transforming 30% of the national territory into protected areas for wildlife. Good news for environmentally conscious and adventurous tourists who dream of climbing, sand dunes and diving to discover the country.

Marine life: Jeddah

well to this town port protected by UNESCO is best known for its architecture historic, Jeddah is also home to some of the most spectacular dive sites in the country. Not only can you enjoy the mild sea temperatures, but the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea also offer some of the best diving conditions in the world.

The nearest dive site is Sharm Obhur A coastal bay located about 30 km north of Jeddah. As you enter the water from the sand, you will quickly be immersed in the richness, colors and diversity of the reefs and the marine life that thrives in these waters.

While diving here, you can usually expect to see turtles, eels, squid, lionfish and clownfish. If you want an even greater thrill, you can book a shark cage dive to get the chance to see bull sharks living in deeper water.

The most beautiful landscapes in Saudi Arabia

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