Tunisia Desert Challenge: For a first place on a quad, Jérémy Halter does very well

With his experience in the Moroccan desert and despite his first time on a quad, Jérémy Halter finished as number 19. A fantastic achievement.  © Filip Decoster
With his experience in the Moroccan desert and despite his first time on a quad, Jérémy Halter finished as number 19. A fantastic achievement. (© Filip Decoster)

Friday, April 22nd last, the Tunisia Desert Challenge started at 13 from kl Djerba. From 188 participants in the event, five crews is assisted by All Terrain Universe, company based in La Ferté-Gaucher. Among 12 vehicles Total, three members followed of the company fertoise do it raid : that two American Car City teams and ARSEP Foundation Team. In their format, these pilots and their vehicles have no not timed or ranked.

On April 20, Jeremy Halter, the two U.S. Car City teams, and the Oufs team performed their administrative checks before installing the necessary equipment for the race on their vehicle. The founder of the Fertoise company and his customers then validated their technical checks. The assistance from Univers Tout Terrain is one of the 134 teams that follow the participants.

A prologue about Djerba

The first stage started in Djerba and ended in the same city. This 55 km prologue enabled the competitors to discover what awaited them over the next seven days. The best placed of the eight crews overseen by the Fertoise company is Team Pinpin Racing. Both on their quads, Yoann Decressonnière and Freddy De Oliveira started the race well with 34th and 35th places. It was more complicated for Team ADC, who went 20 minutes late due to an engine problem on their buggy.

Serious things begin

During the second stage, the Koro prototype, the three quads and the buggy finally drove for a long time: 360 kilometers to Kambout. This time, Jérémy Halter, third of the five teams ranked on the Univers Tout Terrain during the prologue, was the team’s best. He is overall in 36th place, a good performance for another race in a first quad competition.

Designed to participate in the 2020 Dakar, the Hilux Proto Koro was only number 44 on the second day. The fault is due, among other things, to a problem with the vehicle’s generator.

The beginning of the problems

On a series of dunes between Kambout and the same town for 350 kilometers, the pilots felt about 50 ° under the sun. These difficulties had a greater impact on opponents than Jérémy Halter and the other quad riders, as all three ranked better, close to the top 20: 20., 24. and 26. They stay there. The prototype is also in 28th place.

During this third race day, the organization of the Tunisia Desert Challenge mourned the death of French motorcyclist Matthieu de Saint-Exupéry. The heat and exhaustion would have killed him.

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This Monday, April 25, marked the start of the fourth race synonymous with half of the track. Supposed to last 300 km, the tragedy from the day before reduced it to 215 km. This time the pilots left Kambout to go to Ksar Ghilane, an oasis in southern Tunisia.

After a good start, Jérémy Halter will break a rim on his vehicle halfway through. However, it will still have time to go up somewhere compared to the day before. As since the start of the race, the two Team Pinpin Racing drivers moved up a few places. Stranded in the Sahara before the end of the race, Christophe Baillet and Jean-Louis Herbeth, pilot and co-pilot of the prototype, had not determined their classification. The mechanical assistance team finally came to pick them up and the duo did not participate in the fifth stage.

During this, the vehicles will remain around Ksar Ghilane, but the day remains long: 315 km. Freddy, one of the Team Pinpin riders got a puncture but did not lose his 22nd place. David Caulier and Sébastien Briand (Team ADC Racing) lost speed due to a loose turbo hose. They went 20 places down.

Two stages canceled

Stage 6, scheduled from Ksar Ghilane to Douz, has been canceled. The wind prevented the rescue helicopter from taking off, and vehicles were still in the dunes at the time. Over the past three days, about fifty have been picked up by the seven sweepers. The teams could take advantage of this to reach the city by road.

The seventh stage was to take place from Douz to Star Wars, or rather the film set, located a few kilometers from Tozeur. This Thursday morning, conditions seemed quite favorable until the wind blew harder and reduced visibility. The participants, who had already left, were therefore escorted off the field before being taken with the others towards the finish.

The last step

This Friday, April 29, the eight crews, including the five classified, passed the checkered flag. Thanks to his experience in the desert and despite his first expedition on a quad, Jérémy Halter, the founder of Univers Tout Terrain, is the best member of the expedition that left with the assistants from the Fertoise Company. Just behind him, the two Team Pinpin Racing drivers moved up to 20th and 21st places. Finally, Team ADC Racing is in 42nd place. With the help of the organization, Team of Oufs and its prototype were not classified.


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