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With the decline of the Covid-19 epidemic, several countries around the world have chosen to ease border restrictions. What is the situation with travel conditions in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia?

For more than two years, these three Maghreb countries, like all countries around the world, have imposed restrictions on their borders to stem the spread of the epidemic.

But in the last few weeks, these measures have been greatly reduced in light of the improvement in the health situation. As a result, the supply of flights and crossings at sea has improved markedly and will undoubtedly improve during the month of May.

In its classification of countries on the basis of health indicators, France maintains Algeria on its “Orange” list. However, Morocco and Tunisia are classified on the list of “green” countries.

In Algeria, calls for a total reopening of borders are rising

The conditions for entry into Algeria, which were updated in March last year, still apply. The traveler must present either a vaccination passport less than nine months old or a negative PCR test less than 72 hours old. The antigen test on arrival is abolished.

In late March, the Ministry of Transport announced the addition of 64 new flights a week to the Air Algérie program, including 49 with France. On April 24, the President of the Republic ordered to revise the prices of air and sea transport tickets before the summer season.

Since then, calls to use Tebboune’s instructions have multiplied. The requirements for total opening of borders and approval of other airports for international flights also abound.

calls for the relaxation of the health protocol in Morocco

The health situation in Morocco is also improving. In the latest report from the health authorities on 3 May, the kingdom registered 20 new cases of infection in 24 hours.

Despite this stability, the conditions for entering the country remain unchanged: travelers by air must always present two documents, namely a valid vaccination passport and the negative result of a PCR test.

For a few weeks, votes have been raised in Morocco to facilitate this protocol. Tour operators and specialists in the tourism sector unanimously believe that the requirement for a negative PCR test for vaccinated persons constitutes “a brake on the resumption of tourism”.

Last week, government spokesman Mustapha Baïtas spoke on the issue of the PCR test at air borders, stressing that “there will be something new in this file very soon”.

Note: travelers by boat to Morocco must present only one of these two documents. In this context, it should be noted that maritime crossing between France and Morocco has resumed. The first crossing took place on April 30 on the Sète-Tanger line.

Tunisia: unchanged entry conditions for this May

In view of the improvement in the health situation, the Tunisian authorities have also decided to facilitate the protocol for travelers, especially those who have been vaccinated. The conditions are the same as in April.

The submission of a vaccination certificate against Covid-19, with a complete vaccination plan, remains valid. Random screening tests can also be performed on arrival.

For travelers who have not been vaccinated or have an incomplete vaccination program, they will be asked to present the negative result of a Covid-19 test with a QR code. This test must be performed 48 hours before boarding if it is a PCR test or less than 24 hours for an antigen test.

Regarding the epidemiological situation, Tunisia registered 519 new cases of Coronavirus out of 11,320 tests carried out between 25 and 1 April.eh May 2022, according to the weekly report published by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday, May 4th.

Reservations from France to Tunisia are sky high. The country comes in fourth place.

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