we explain to you the phenomenon and why you should not intervene

Every spring, when nature wakes up, the buds delight wildlife, especially deer. In Haute-Saône this was the case in the last days of April.

Three drunken deer. In Angirey in the Haute-Saône, the trio was observed several times on the municipal road, reports Est Républicain (paid article) on Friday 29 April. These animals wandered disoriented around. A well-known seasonal phenomenon in the countryside. In this small town of Haute-Saône, it must be said that the fauna is very present. “Deer, we are used to seeing them, we have a lot of game, wild boar also in the forest. Drunk deer, at that time it is not an extraordinary phenomenon “ relativizes Chantal Faradon, mayor of this small town with 150 inhabitants who are not used to being talked about in the newspapers!

In other regions of France, the chamois is reported on the intoxication in the various news. In Vernon, Eure, on Friday 15 April, a deer was in the car park at CHU. The latter would have crossed the Seine by swimming before ending up in the city center. The animal was taken care of by the municipal police.

Near Reims, an animal photographer crossed paths with two somewhat intoxicated deer in the small town of Arcy-le-Poinsart. “They were completely panicked and lost. They tried to cross a fence by bumping their heads into it. “ relates the latter.

Consume in moderation, says the ad! Spring buds are better than a bass reserve, and spring buds have effects on animals that eat too much of them. “All buds have a high content of sugar and juice. It is a concentrate of wood sugar. It is a food with high fermentation ability, and when eaten in quantity, it causes temporary poisoning.” explains Gilles Moyne, director of the Athénas Center in Jura, specializing in wildlife rescue. “It is the fermentation process in the rumen, it occurs in ruminants” he remembers. And all young buds, not just spruce buds, can make a deer or a goat full!

A deer showing these “symptoms” of drunkenness, “You can see them in broad daylight running around in a messy way, they are disoriented and can be a little euphoric!”says Gilles Moyne.

Athena’s wildlife center near Lons-Le-Saunier in the Jura receives calls for drunken deer every spring. Sometimes people stand with a slightly intoxicated deer in their garden. “You must leave them alone, do not stress them, do not intervene” he said. “A deer is always close to an environment, it knows it well, it will return there. We keep people from wanting to catch the animal, a deer with antlers and hooves can harm people “ warn Gilles Moyne. If the animal is not in danger, if humans are not in danger, we must let nature take its course.

In the spring of 2016, the Jura gendarmes had to call for help. They had been visited in their barracks in Lons-le-Saunier by a drunken deer who had appreciated the place. It required the intervention of agents from the National Hunting and Game Office to catch the animal. The deer had, according to the gendarmes, abused the buds.

Because these drunken animals, if they smile, can cause traffic accidents.

The foundation also recalls that the loss of natural landmarks is not solely due to the ingestion of euphoric plants: this season, young deer leave their mother to set off to conquer a territory. Some deer are found far from their habitats, sometimes near houses, in cities.

In Franche-Comté, where the chamois are more and more visible, in the mountains but also on the green plain, the spring season gives rise to some comic scenes. This amateur filmed this scene a few years ago. Save in good shape without a doubt after an uncontrolled consumption of buds.

On the Jura massif, the chamois are especially attracted by the green, tender and sweet spruce buds, from which man also makes excellent liqueurs. Not wrong beast!

Do you feel dizzy after three glasses of champagne? Usually one is a mammal and therefore more or less sensitive to alcohol.

In mammals, everyone can drink, like monkeys, squirrels … after consuming fermented fruit for example. Drunk birds can also get drunk when they swallow too many berries. “Hence the sentence: “drunk like a threshing floor!”. And soon maybe that with “drunk like a deer in the spring” ?!

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