12 decorative objects excavated at Nature et Découvertes to beautify your garden

Do you want to receive friends and family outdoors in the garden for a garden party in the bohemian spirit? To do this, take inspiration from this selection of trendy decorative items from Nature & Découvertes and transform your exterior completely.

Decorate the garden for your bohemian garden party with Nature & Découvertes

decoration idea garden party nature and discoveries

Spend cozy afternoons and quiet summer evenings with these trendy items seen at Nature & Découvertes. For a magical garden party, consider natural materials such as wicker, rattan and macrame. Multiply lighting sources such as candles and lanterns, light chains or solar cell lights. Improve the decor of your table with the Nature & Découverte decorative bar for 22 euros. The bohemian style necessarily synchronizes with nature: fall for dried flowers like the babala bouquet for 10 euros. You can display it in a Dame-Jeanne vase. Choose fabrics in pastel or natural tones such as terracotta, forest green or beige. Finally, do not forget to offer your guests a friendly game as a petanque set for 48.99 euros.

Length-adjustable steel bar for garlands and suspensions

ornaments garden nature and discoveries

Personalize your table decoration with this decorative metal bar. Hang an LED garland, planters or greenery to invite the party to your garden.

Flock of natural babala

bohemian garden party decorates your garden with Nature and Discoveries

Dried babalas go wonderfully with other dried flowers in beautiful bouquets, to bring a rustic touch to your outdoor decoration.

Solar dandelion flower lamp for planting in the ground or in a pot

decorate your garden with Nature and Discoveries garden party

This elegant plantable solar cell dandelion flower will shine brightly in the garden. When the lamp is charged with the sun’s UV rays, it gives 8 hours of autonomy for a magical light show.

4. Summer garden party: Natural rattan lantern tealights

garden party bohemian nature and discoveries

We appreciate the authentic touch of this hand-woven lantern. The latter fits perfectly with your outdoor party dinners.

5. Solar umbrella garland

deco garden party bohemian nature and discoveries

This umbrella lamp is solar powered, turns on automatically and provides up to 8 hours of lighting.

6. Macrame and bamboo hammock chair with cushion

garden party cheap decoration nature and discoveries

Relax in the soft and regular rhythm of the hammock chair made of bamboo wood and decorated with macrame fringes. It is equipped with a large seat cushion in light colors to ensure maximum comfort.

7. Tulips for a bohemian garden party

trendy ornaments Nature and Discoveries garden party

This tulip-shaped tealight is the ideal decoration to recreate the campfire atmosphere in your garden. Extend the long summer evenings by warming up and / or cooking delicacies cooked over firewood.

8. Chime 7 chakras with colored stones and harmonious sound

decorate garden nature and discover garden party

Invite harmony and positive energy into your garden with this wind chime. The 7 chakra colors are present in this decorative object, such as the 7 chakras along the human body. They are symbolized by 7 stones (amethyst, sodalite, reconstituted turquoise, aventurine, yellow jasper, carnelian, red stone).

9. Solar Patio Lantern

cheap garden party decoration nature and discoveries

The beautiful terrace lantern brings warm light on long summer evenings. It guarantees you up to 6 hours of light to spend precious moments with family and friends.

10. Night Birds Solar String Lights

decoration for garden party bohemian nature and discoveries

Place the five birds of the sun garland in a tree or on a green screen wall and admire the charming shards after dark.

11. Rainbow Feng Shui Crystal for your Bohemian Garden Party

decorate your garden with natural and discoveries

Expose the crystal to sunlight and stimulate the flow of natural Qi energy in your garden. This decoration eliminates harmful energy and promotes harmony, happiness and beauty.

12. Hanging Nest tealight holder

nature and discoveries garden decoration

Enjoy mood lighting with this oval hanging nest tealight holder. Made of galvanized metal for outdoor use, it quickly gets hot once you turn on a tealight in it.

Cheap decoration for garden party to make yourself

decoration idea nature and discoveries bohemian garden party

The decoration is essential for a successful bohemian garden party, but it is not at all necessary to spend a fortune to create an idyllic atmosphere. DIY decorative items are a great option! Decorate your garden table and cocktail bar yourself. Just use recycled materials like mason jars, tin cans, glass bottles, pallets and raw wooden boxes. Make paper flowers, designer chandeliers, colorful pillows, garlands or macrame decorations. Also bet on used finds such as old rugs, woven chairs, retro frames and mirrors or vintage suitcases.

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