Animal insurance, legal, accident guarantee … Why termination simplifies is unanimous

Representatives of insurance companies, consumer defense associations and sector brokers unanimously welcome the opinion of CCSF, which simplifies the lives of customers to bring competition into play and complicates the affinity insurance companies. Do you expect better soon? A new appointment has already been made and there are areas for progress.

From 1 July 2023, the lives of French policyholders promise to be easier. Collectively within the CCSF, the Financial Sector Advisory Committee attached to the Banque de France, insurance professionals and consumer defense associations on Thursday signed an opinion which in particular simplifies the termination of certain insurance contracts and prolongs the waiver of so-called affinity insurance contracts. It is a real success that will have a big impact for policyholders, welcomes Corinne Dromer, President of CCSF, interviewed by MoneyVox.

The insurers were heavily involved in the collective preparation of the CCSF opinion, which was emphasized to MoneyVox France Assureurs on behalf of 247 companies representing more than 99% of this market. This is the case for members of better meet consumer expectations. We are satisfied with the result because it is a long-term requirement. A statement from CCSF is a very powerful text because it is an industry agreement, authoritative for all insurance companies, confirms Olivier Gayraud, lawyer at the consumer defense association CLCV. But as it stands, this statement is not binding on insurers.

A turnkey legislation for the coming majority

It is a turnkey legislation, Olivier Gayraud continues for a moment for the coming majority. After six months of negotiations, sometimes with more than 50 people around the table, contracts for legal protection, accident or hospitalization coverage or even insurance contracts for pets, which have been very popular in recent years, can become terminated at any time after the anniversary of signature. 40 million contracts in total, in addition to those already affected by this termination at any given time: car insurance, home insurance, supplementary health insurance and soon borrower insurance.

Another element of satisfaction: a blow to so-called affinity contracts at a marginal price of a few euros and signed without taking care to have bought a smartphone or a new dishwasher. To deceive its buyer, the seller offered a free month, and this covered the withdrawal period of 14 days, now extended to 30 days. The trap then closes: at the end of this month that was offered, the client saw himself employed for a year with no chance of returning. Now, the notice period does not begin until the end of any free period.

Year after year, we find a very high level of complaints about this type of contract [13% des 22000 saisines en 2021, NDLR]confirms MoneyVox, the insurance broker, Arnaud Chneiweiss, who welcomes this statement from CCSF, taking into account its recommendations.

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Negotiations will resume at the end of 2022

Now, We must move on, Judge Olivier Gayraud, of the CLCV. On the list of opportunities, and then new discussions will take place in the autumn of 2022: to lift as far as possible the restrictions that still prevent consumers from taking advantage of maximum competition. CLCV also wants to better regulate online signing. All too often, a single signature is used for multiple contracts, and especially the affinities, the Consumer Defense Association apologizes. A finding shared by the insurance broker.

More generally, there is still a lot to do because the system remains complex, points out Arnaud Chneiweiss. Between persons affected by this notice, professionals, collective agreements, In France, there are 16 different ways to break a contract: duration of the message, nature of the post … All this still needs to be simplified and standardized.

In the meantime, and having been willing since last fall, every insurer is now free to implement this advice as soon as possible, without being forced to do so by law.

Contracts remain excluded from termination at all times

Maintenance and long-term care insurance contracts guaranteeing an annuity, seasonal contracts signed for the school or the hunt for example. and contracts covering new forms of mobility such as bicycles and electric scooters is not affected by this CCSF opinion.

According to our information, the insurance companies refused to extend their obligation to these contracts during the negotiations because the accidents are many and expensive. And threaten their financial balance. Insurance companies have also objected to an insured being able to terminate their contract immediately after an injury.. Something they themselves can do, unilaterally, if an insured on their side is too expensive.

Finally, in the case of affinity insurance, travel insurance was removed from the discussions due to its ad hoc nature.

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