As a 15-year-old, Clément Bénard photographs the animals in Haute-Vienne

In the middle of the New Year’s forest, a 15-year-old boy in camouflage is hunting. After taking into account the direction of the wind and identifying the footprints, Clément places himself with his tripod and his lens. A nature lover from an early age, the teenager began on animal photography after a green class in CM2.

A natural passion

“I’ve always been attached to nature and the animals,” the teenager says shyly. It must be said that his living environment could not be better suited to his art. Surrounded by forests in the municipality of Saint-Sylvestre, Clément enjoys an ideal playground to carry out his passion.

When he is looking, Clément can stay for hours waiting for an animal to show up.

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A consuming passion that forces the schoolboy to get out of bed at. 05.00, even in his holiday, with lens on his back and stand in hand. “At the age of 6, Clément used our digital camera, but he quickly stole my reflex,” says his mother. First authorized to practice in the garden, the young adventurer now travels for miles in the upper Viennese countryside. Excursions that can last several hours.

An ecological conscience. As soon as he can, the young man leaves the house when the sun rises and comes back in the evening when it sets. “It’s practicing, you move on,” says his father. To get the best pictures, Clément uses two techniques: the approach and the lookout point. “I wear camouflage so I can not be seen and I position myself with my face against the wind so the animals do not smell me,” the teenager explains with breathtaking patience.

On his way, the teenager tears off a few blades of grass to find out the direction of the wind.

The latter can stay for up to 5 hours and wait for the deer or fox to show up. The young man’s goal: above all not to scare the animals, not to enter their territory and not to damage it.

A true self-taught

If his talent seems innate, as none of his relatives practice photography, Clément learned from himself by watching tutorials on the Internet: “I watched videos to learn how to control the device such as ISO or speed. Shuts down. I also follow professional photographers work on Instagram because they provide tips. ”

And his dedication pays off. On social networks, the regional and branch councils share their publications to highlight Limousin. His desire now: to buy his own equipment, and why not, to become a professional.

Emilie Montalban

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