Border closure extended in Morocco, new restrictions in Italy, Cyprus, Quebec and Hong Kong

Morocco: Borders closed at least until 31 January

Hopes are once again shattered: Morocco’s borders remain closed until 31 January. Passenger flights to and from Morocco have been suspended since 29 November. A catastrophic situation for Moroccan tourism professionals, many of whom are threatened with bankruptcy.

Italy: Wear the FFP2 mask mandatory from the plane

It is now mandatory to wear the FFP2 mask in all means of transport in Italy, including aircraft, warns Quai d’Orsay in his travel advice. Travelers boarding to Italy should therefore make sure to wear an FFP2 mask. Strict entry conditions in the territories apply at least until 31 January 2022. Vaccinated travelers must present the negative result of an antigen test that is less than 24 hours old or a PCR test that is less than 48 hours old (self-test is not accepted) as well as proof of a complete vaccination plan (valid for 9 months) with a vaccine recognized by the European Medicines Agency. Unvaccinated travelers must present a test within 24 hours and quarantine for five days. Special measures also apply to healed travelers (full details of the measures here).

Cyprus: compulsory test regardless of vaccination status

The access requirements for Cyprus have changed. From 4 January to 15 January 2022, all passengers arriving in Cyprus must have a negative PCR test performed within 48 hours of their departure, regardless of their vaccination status, the Quai d’Orsay states. France is also placed in the red category. As described by the Quai d’Orsay, vaccinated persons must present a certificate (if applicable the European Green Certificate, “GreenPass”) stating that they have completed the vaccination cycle. Travelers must also complete the CyprusFlightPass at least 24 hours before departure. All passengers, with the exception of those who can justify a booster dose of vaccine, must perform an antigen test (free of charge at the Ministry of Health test centers upon presentation of the boarding pass) 3 days later, their arrival in Cyprus. In addition, all travelers over the age of 12, regardless of their vaccination status, from 6 December to 10 January 2022 arriving in Cyprus, must perform a PCR test when getting off the plane, charged € 15. It will be advisable to isolate yourself while waiting for the result, communicated in a few hours via SMS. Entry into Cyprus from certain South African countries meets specific conditions, including quarantine. For connecting flights, it is also advisable to inquire about the rules in force in the country of transit (form, tests, procedures for taking into account vaccines). More information here.

Quebec: curfew

Due to the explosion in the number of Omicron cases, a curfew has been imposed in Quebec. It is no longer possible to travel between 22.00 and kl. 05.00 in all regions of Quebec.

Hong Kong: travelers from France banned

The Hong Kong government on Wednesday announced a ban on all arrivals of air travelers from eight countries, the closure of bars and a curfew for restaurants after an outbreak of the Omicron variant was discovered in the city. The countries affected by the curfew are France, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Australia and the Philippines, led by Hong Kong Director Carrie Lam. “Passenger flights from these countries will not be allowed to land in Hong Kong, and persons who have resided in these countries will no longer be allowed to board flights to Hong Kong, including connecting flights” from Saturday midnight and for two weeks , she said.

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