Breastfeeding accessories for dogs: which one to choose in 2022? Consumed

To feed a puppy with a bottle, it is important to have appropriate equipment. Otherwise, the baby dog ​​may refuse to eat. That is why there is a wide range of care accessories for dogs. Zoom in on the most practical bottles and pacifiers.

To feed a weaned puppy with infant formula, offer him the bottle without pressing. The puppy will thus suckle at its own pace, without being suffocated. Be careful, you need to choose appropriate milk. Cow’s milk, not enough protein, is not suitable for baby dogs at all. Go to a pharmacy or your veterinarian to buy a special puppy formula. Generally, it is milk powder that needs to be mixed with water. You will need to give bottled milk until you are three or four weeks old. The puppy will then be able to shoot himself in a bowl of its size. Can your dog not feed all his puppies? We must respond quickly to save the lives of abandoned babies. It is to help you indulge that we have written this comparison. Browse our buying guide now to complete your nursery and allow puppies to develop properly!


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Beaphar Lactol puppy bottle and pacifier pack, easy to use

The bottle and pacifiers are flexible enough to look like the mother’s pacifiers. To use teats, start by piercing a small hole with a needle to let the milk through. You can also cut the tip to increase the flow. For its part, the bottle is graduated, which makes it possible to accurately measure the amount of food distributed. You can clean the collection with soapy water using the bottle brush. The bottle pacifiers are made of natural rubber, which is non-toxic to animals.

Kerbl puppy breeding bottle set, 50 ml capacity

This puppy breeding bottle can also be suitable for baby cats. It has a capacity of 5 ml and weighs only 40 grams. It is a bottle that is easy to handle, with a nipple that looks like a dog’s udder. The bottle is transparent, which makes it very convenient. Note, the nipples are not pre-drilled: it is therefore up to you to make the hole using a previously heated sewing needle. The pacifiers are very robust and bite-resistant!

GSSFASHION puppy breastfeeding set, with syringes in different sizes

In this set you will find 4 breastfeeding syringes, with different capacities, with a graduated scale. They come with natural rubber pacifiers, with a tip as fine as a dog’s teats. In addition, these pacifiers have a kneading pad, which allows baby animals to kick their paws in them as they would naturally. The pacifiers are solid and will accompany newborns until weaning! The set also contains 4 spray caps, to keep the precious liquid cool between two meals.

Smandy puppy bottle, with bottle brush

This puppy bottle comes with a bottle brush, a small brush and two pacifiers. These are made of non-toxic silicone and emit no bad odor that can contaminate the milk. As they are both flexible and resilient, they are very reminiscent of the mother’s teats and will give newborns the urge to breastfeed. In addition, the bottle is very easy to clean as the brush penetrates to the bottom. Good to know: Since the teat is not pierced, do it yourself, depending on the desired milk flow.

Aidiyapet puppy spray pack of 15, with kneading pillows

You will find in this package syringes of 1 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml. The kit also includes caps for the syringes if you want to keep them cool while they are full. The pacifiers all have a physiological shape similar to that of the mother udder and carry a kneading pad. Baby animals will therefore be able to knead them, as they do naturally to make the milk flow. In addition, they are very robust and flexible, they resist attack from small sharp teeth.

How long does the breastfeeding period last?

Breastfeeding is essential to allow puppies to develop well during their first weeks of life. It is a privileged moment between baby dogs and their mother, which simultaneously transmits natural antibodies to them. For the first three days after birth, breast milk is actually colostrum. It is a yellow liquid, rich in nutrients, which protects puppies from infections and strengthens them.

After four to five days, the colostrum turns into white milk. Milk production then intensifies and reaches its peak during the puppies’ fifth week. It then begins to gradually decline, encouraging the puppies to taste solid food. This is the diversification phase.

The female dog’s breastfeeding period stops completely after seven weeks. The puppies are then said to be weaned.

How do you know if a puppy is full?

After feeding, a well-nourished puppy will quickly fall asleep, put up against his mother or his brothers and sisters. He is well, does not need additional food and therefore begins his digestion in peace. If this is not the case, if the animal remains agitated after eating, if it moans and continues to demand its meal, it is a sign that it is not full. In this case, get your female dog to help who does not have enough milk. Bring feeding bottles and puppy milk to supplement the babies’ meals!

If the puppies eat enough, you should watch them develop from day to day. They are growing, they are gaining weight and their little belly is full. A thin puppy whose ribs and spine are visible does not eat at the end.

What are the different types of uses of breastfeeding accessories?

There are many puppy breastfeeding accessories. Of course, you need to buy bottles to be offered to baby puppies on a regular basis. Prefers graduated bottles, to accurately measure the amounts given at each meal.

You also need pacifiers that fit the mouths of baby dogs. Most of the time, pacifiers are not pre-drilled: it will therefore be up to you to create an opening according to the desired milk flow.

Among breastfeeding accessories, we do not always think of the brush! However, it is a very useful little tool for cleaning the bottom of bottles and tips.

Finally, you can also choose a measuring spoon, to always pour the same amount of milk powder into the bottle.

How many times a day should a puppy be fed?

From birth, puppies can eat between ten and twenty times a day. Baby dogs swallow small amounts each time because it is easier to digest. If you give them the bottle, check the doses carefully! A puppy that eats too much is at risk of indigestion.

The first week it is advisable to give a dozen bottles a day. You can increase to six bottles a day in the second week. The third week, the frequency is reduced to 5 bottles a day. Finally, 4 week old puppies need 4 bottles a day.

After weaning, you can reduce the number of meals to three or four a day until the age of four months. So between the ages of four and ten months, two meals a day will be quite sufficient (in the morning and in the evening).

How to help breastfeed a puppy?

If you are helping your female dog because she does not have enough milk for all her puppies, buy appropriate bottles and pacifiers. These physiologically shaped tips will remind puppies of the shape of their mother’s udders, and they will agree to suckle on these rubber pacifiers. Feel free to choose tips with a kneading pillow. Small puppies have a habit of pushing their udders to bring in the milk: they will be able to do the same with their bottle.

In addition, it is important to give the nursing female dog a very complete and very rich food. No matter how many pups she has given birth to, she has to produce milk in large quantities to cover all their needs. It’s tiring for her: To help her, buy her pills rich in minerals and proteins.

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