Is it possible to open a Nature & Découvertes store?

With more than 25 years of existence on the clock, Nature & Découvertes remains a network that is true to its beliefs: loves sustainable development and a desire to re-establish the connection between city dwellers and nature. Is the network developing in the field of franchising? Is it possible to open a Nature et Découvertes store?

Nature & Découvertes: a brand founded in 1990

François Lemarchand was passionate about nature and launched the first Nature & Découvertes store in Eragny (Ile-de-France) in 1990, when he returned from a trip to the United States, where he fell in love with the small store The Nature Company. The original concept is to recreate nature in the form of a shop, where an atmosphere of undergrowth, vegetation and raw materials is mixed. The concept worked quickly and gained ground. The brand launched about twenty other openings in 1995! In 2002, Nature & Découvertes became international and opened its first stores in Belgium and its first franchise in Switzerland. Today, the company has 87 stores in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

The Nature & Découvertes shops are places of tranquility with a cozy and natural atmosphere, selling hiking equipment, essential oils, wooden toys and a wide range of varied, high-quality products for all ages.

Is it possible to open a Nature & Découvertes store as a franchise?

For its development in France, The Nature et Découvertes brand opens new stores exclusively with equity. The company, founded by François Lemarchand, has namely no plans to develop into a franchise.

A significant social commitment

The company supports those who want to build a better world. Whether they come from the naturalistic world, whether they dream of change, whether they raise awareness of respect for biodiversity: they are all supported by the brand! A logic of co-creation is also hailed by the brand for working hand in hand with the most loyal suppliers and for creating products together.

The brand also offers courses, workshops and walks throughout the year to its customers to help them discover nature and its wonders. Calls for nature conservation projects are also funded by the brand.

To invent the future together, Nature & Découvertes has created L’Université de la Terre, where thinkers, entrepreneurs, economic actors, policy makers and community activists meet to discuss tomorrow’s major challenges.

A business where life is good

The challenge for store managers? Nature & Découvertes must remain a store where employees want to get up in the morning to get to work. For this, autonomy, kindness and the wealth of the professions are valued.

Happy employees provide happy customers »: This is the motto and belief of Nature & Découvertes. Managers should take responsibility for recruiting employees who share these beliefs. The first selection criterion must remain passion, followed by curiosity and the desire to pass on knowledge to customers.

The company also wants each employee to be able to “grow” through the creation of an internal training center, where the teachers themselves are expert salespeople in their world. An undeniable professional development for everyone’s development!

Respect for the environment at all levels of the company

In every store, an employee is given the task of motivating the troops and teaching them respect for the planet : this is the green network. This Network ensures compliance with sorting instructions, which is done via the Foundation’s ambassador to local natural science associations and teams.

Nature et Découvertes is also the first retail brand to have been certified ISO 14001 for the environmental standard. This certification was achieved thanks to the commitment of all teams to continuous improvement. Since 2012, the franchise has sorted and recycled 17 different types of waste, and has gone so far as to report each employee’s journey by making a CO2 expense report!

The products sold are first transported to the stores via organic means of transport : trucks that use NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle), piggyback or Euro 5 standard trucks .. Everything is calculated by geolocation of the store, so the transport of products is as clean as possible.

Ecodesign is also important: the products are designed with respect for nature. This is how Planwood was created, a recycled material made using an innovative and ecological process, and which represents surprising qualities: resistance, softness and malleability to adapt to all kinds of castings.

Nature & Découvertes seduces with its authenticity and success with its brand, which is firmly established in the region.

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