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Over the course of his life, Daniel has already made nearly 1,000 models.
Over the course of his life, Daniel has already made nearly 1,000 models. (© L’Eveil Normand)

If you are from a generation of Renault 4L or rather it off electric cars, many of us have already found ourselves with these little parts in our hands. Packed in plastic and sold in tobacconists accompanied by a booklet, they allow, when assembled, to form models more real than nature. Drakkar, Ford GT, steam locomotive … A wide range of options opens up for anyone who dares to venture into this magical world of miniature.

Daniel Pleasure, he fell into the pot many years ago. Old truck driver internationally he has worked with them, machines in XXL format. But it was nonetheless against their reduced models that he decided to turn around, almost 30 years ago. years. His passion even led him to create a club, the Star model and model club (SMMRC), where all model enthusiasts like him handle this art with brio.

Hundreds of models made

Between 800 and 1000. This is the impressive selection of the number of models that Daniel made during his life. And he is not done with his scale models. “In the ’90s, I was part of a club, but I wanted to create one in Montreuil-l’Argillé when I lived there. The municipality supported me immediately, and that’s how the SMMRC was born.” With a simple goal: to interest people in the world of the model, and in particular the youngest.

“Today it is difficult to get the younger generation off their screens. But doing one or two modeling sessions allows you to have fun, discover an entire universe, do something manually. There is also a whole historical dimension behind this activity. »

Daniel PleasureChairman of the SMMRC

The model fair celebrates its 20th edition

This weekend, May 7 and 8, 2022, the SMMRC Club of Montreuil-l’Argillé will host its 20th Model Exhibition and Radio Controlled Scale Models, as well as the first Montreuillais collection of collection vehicles.
The doors open to the public from kl. present their performance on more than 200 linear meter stands and on a pool of 60 m2 for the boats. Confirmed model makers, beginners or future, will be able to find the missing item or material with five dealer exhibitors.
In addition, the town hall car park will accommodate around 70 vintage cars (cars, motorcycles, tractors) in total over the weekend’s two days. Parades in Montreuil and the surrounding towns are already planned.
Bar and restaurant on site – Admission to the model show: € 3.00 (free for children under 12).

Over the years, Daniel and his assistants have collected many boxes of these precious little pieces. They find them in some shopson it flea markets. But in 30 years, things have changed a lot. “Now it is true that you can find everything on the Internet. Before, there were small specialty shops everywhere, it was very family friendly. As soon as the leaders received a piece as we knew them, they made phone calls and said to us “hello, I received something that might interest you”. At any rate, nothing will stain Daniel’s love for these miniatures. “I have the closets full of them …” he said, smiling. And many models are now just waiting to be assembled.

Custom parts

However, if the assembly has always been performed in more or less the same manner, certain techniques have evolved. Today, Daniel especially works with photo carvingbut also uses one resinist. The latter works to order, according to the parts requested by the model manufacturers.

Videos: currently on Actu

“This makes it possible to make unique pieces with details that are not found in the initial boxes. We see ultra-realistic things now. We find e.g. dashboard needles, pilots’ belts. We also add sound effects, with motorization, and even lighting. »

Daniel PleasureChairman of the SMMRC

The most frequently built models remain vehicles civil Where militarybut also planes, figures and anything that can affect fantastic. “The vehicles from World War II are very successful, we find them very often. But what Daniel prefers are the trucks. “I really like American vehicles, whether they are trucks or cars. But I also make planes, like the B29, where the Finns, thanks to photo-cutting, even become detachable. A miniature world where the possibilities seem endless, as shown in the model show , which Daniel organizes by putting his heart into it.This year we celebrate 20 editing.

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