Nature pictures Découverte leads the public to the heart of nature in Cher Nord and elsewhere

Born in 1993 thanks to a group of nature-loving friends, Nature images Découverte (Nid) has shared its passion with the public for almost 30 years.

This association based in Blancafort radiates throughout the department. It organizes excursions into nature in various forms to make the public aware of the elements that make it up. Le Nid caters to both children and adults.

But the types of calls have evolved in recent months, according to Wilfrid Patron, nature guide and chairman of the association: “We have worked less with school children since birth because there are fewer excursions organized by the establishments. But in 2021 we also felt that people would out to get some fresh air because of the confinement. ”

In sensitive natural areas

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For several years, Le Nid has collaborated with the county council to support a number of nature excursions for the general public. These activities concern places in the northern part of Cher, such as the Gargaude Islands, in Ménétréol-sous-Sancerre, but also areas located elsewhere in the department, such as the lawn of Grand Vau, in Massay or Chaumes du Patouillet in Lunery. “We arrange regular excursions on the fauna and flora in these places, often in sensitive natural areas,” says Wilfrid Patron. In general, these are groups of five to fifteen people. “

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Le Nid is also involved in activities for groups, through walks called “terroir nature” or rando nature. “We arrange excursions with groups of people over a day or a weekend,” says Wilfrid Patron. We can also arrange an excursion for a group of hikers over several days and we go to the place. »

“Aubigny it is also possible to arrange an excursion for the birds in the city. There are plenty of them in the park … People are surprised to see the richness of the bird population that can be. »

Wilfrid Patron (Chair of Nature Images Discovery)

The excursions can include an exploration of the local fauna and flora, but also a series of meetings with people from the sector: “We can meet artisans, farmers, winegrowers who share their experiences with us,” explains Wilfrid Patron. that is, we try to go to people who have respect for nature and who allow us to spread our message in relation to respect for the environment. “

As such, the territory of Sauldre and Sologne can offer many opportunities for discovery: “Excursions can take place at Etang du Puits, Ménétréol-sur-Sauldre, Sainte-Montaine … Also in Aubigny it is possible to arrange an excursion around the birds of the city “There are plenty of them in the park … People are surprised to see the richness of the bird population that can be. There are also good excursions to Blancafort or Oizon.”

The streets in the center of Sancerre turn green

The time periods can also be variable: “We can also meet at 18.00 until it gets dark. We want to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere, find clues and be able to make different observations with the animals, those who come to seek shelter at the end of the day or vice versa those who go out. “

Guillaume Faucheron

Sensitive natural areas. Nature Images Découverte offers entertainment as part of excursions arranged in sensitive nature areas, marked by the Cher Department Council. Walks. The association also arranges discovery trips for groups on request.
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