‘To accompany men, € 50,000 per. travel ‘Maïssane talks about escorting in reality TV

Maissane : the young woman came to discuss the escort affair on the set of Do not touch My TV. She took the opportunity to come up with unexpected revelations!

Porta Potty case: candidates respond

In the last few days, reality TV graduates have been the subject of many rumors. In fact, according to several bloggers and youtubers, these young women would indulge in obscene practices for money. In this case, they claim that the latter would have accepted that rich billionaires get feces in their mouths. We’ll talk about thenhad pot on which literally means ‘portable toilets’.

With such revelations, the candidates in question spoke on social networks. Starting with Milla Jasmine: “Today it is a stranger, an illegitimate pathetic YouTuber, who has decided to make you believe that he knows the real business of the French influencers in Dubai. (…) The French know us and know that we serve for a living with TV and various product placements.Everyone is talking about our exorbitant salaries […]. But today, can you believe we live in Dubai because we do dirty things for it? “.

As for the El Himer sisters, they decided to take legal action, furious at seeing their name soiled. “In the last few days, my name and my sister’s name have been mistakenly associated with false, defamatory and totally heinous rumors. (..) For those who do not know, this story is now in the hands of justice. Freedom of speech has its limits As long as the rumor is false, defamatory and violates privacy, intimacy and above all the dignity of others ”.

‘To accompany men, € 50,000 per. travel ‘Maïssane talks about escorting in reality TV

Benjamin Castaldi comes with revelations

Benjamin Castaldi, for his part, revealed that this practice had been known for years. He stated: ” We learned about deviation 2 or 3 years ago, but prostitution in reality TV, I can reveal something very strong to you, that is, that at the time of Secret Story, when we cast, we had a code that we gave to the girls who did the casting, it was’ Code Dubaï!‘”.

He then gave the reasons for this vigilance: We knew well, for some of them, that their job was also to go on trips to Dubai to perform this job as a call girl. I can even tell you something else. In the show, when it was filmed 24 hours a day, some candidates spoke, thought they were not filmed, and spoke in a foreign language. We got it translated and we realized very quickly that their essential job was to be callgirl. »

Benjamin Castaldi then said that some went before because they had to save the box. ” Some graduates decided to leave the program, not because they were depressed, but because they had calculated that by staying 2 or 3 weeks with us, they lost a wealth of acid. This file is a file known to the reality TV world of my time. But the Paris-Dubai transhumance we are talking about today actually stems from Secret Story. (…) They had to work a lot there. Today I do not know them, but if it existed 10 years ago, I can not see why it would have disappeared today ”he added.

Maïssane opens up about the suggestions that were made to her

A candidate has decided to talk about this topic, still on the set of TPMP. The young woman admitted to hospital after being anesthetized without her knowledge explains: “As a TV candidate, we often receive proposals with rather astronomical sums. Kind of big money to post pictures of feet or do weird things. (…) I have already received offers of up to € 5,000 for photos of feet “.

And to add: ‘There are a lot of fantasies around it, there are a lot of lies. So of course we receive lots of suggestions. Every week we have to receive some. There are escort agencies in Dubai that send us emails ”. If it is never specifically stated that the candidates should have sexual relations with their clients, Maissane says that they are offered to go on a trip to accompany men. “The last email I received must be € 50,000 for a week-long trip to Dubai ». Revelations that left Cyril Hanouna’s columnists speechless.

On the other hand, according to Maïssane, it is impossible for the candidates to indulge in such a practice. “We live well enough not to have to send nude pictures of ourselves. I think it’s a shame that the escort image is associated with ours under the pretext that people are not able to accept that we can buy luxury bags or drive in big cars without necessarily prosti ** r ‘, she added.

See his passage in TPMP :

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