Traveling to Morocco by motorhome this winter: is it possible?

Many European motorhome owners want to travel in the sun in winter. Before covid, Morocco was a favorite destination, especially for the French. Cost of living, mild climate, numerous tourist destinations … ideal for a three-week itinerary or even a stay of several months. But in the winter of 2021-2022, covid is still making travel plans to Morocco uncertain. We take stock of the current situation: rules, crossings, the development of the epidemic …

During the Leisure Vehicles Show (which took place from September 25 to October 3), we were visited at our booth by a couple of camper friends. Marie-Madeleine and Michel Couturier are regulars traveling to Morocco, they are always very informed about this destination, to the point that they wrote two very useful articles that we could read on our site: Le Maroc a Caravan, Work Form and Itinerary for motorhomes in Morocco.

Morocco with motorhome? Rather wait

Logically, our first question was: Can you go to Morocco for winter? “The reaction of Michel and Marie-Madeleine:“ This is the question everyone is asking! “Very active in the Ffaccc (the French association of motorhome associations and clubs) and the UCCF (Union of motorhomes in France), the couple is the preferred interlocutor on the destination of Morocco.” Those who come to ask me for information, no one is ready to leave immediately, but instead in November or December as usual. But it all changes so quickly. If the crossing from Spain resumes, it is certain that many French people will decide. »

Covid epidemic in Morocco

The Cherifian Kingdom experienced a peak of the epidemic in the summer of 2021. According to Le Point magazine, it was in early August that the highest number of cases was recorded: “ 70,000 new cases, a weekly number divided by four on September 16th. Since gives us the current figures: 10,665 positive cases were listed on October 4, 2021, and more than 22 million people have received the first dose of the vaccine (for a population of 37 million inhabitants).

Health restrictions: curfew and traffic restrictions

Morocco continues to apply strict measures regarding the fight against Covid. As the website tells us:

  • Curfew throughout the territory from kl. 21:00 to 05.00.
  • Prohibition on entering or leaving the cities of Casablanca, Marrakech and Agadir, excluding “vaccination passports”.
  • Mandatory mask wearing

Sea crossings

The difficulty right now is getting to Morocco. At the moment, it is impossible to cross the sea from Spain, as confirmed by the travel agency’s ticket Bateaux Tangier: ” There are no crossings yet, but it may come from the end of October. »

It is therefore necessary to travel from France. Our friend Michel asked: ” Currently it is possible to cross from Sète to Tangier Med. Before taking the boat, have a test in addition to a health pass. And in the boat another test is performed. There may also be crossings from Marseille, but that does not help, as the journey in this case is even longer than the 40 hours from Sète. »

To find out about the conditions of access to Morocco from France (in the form of vaccines and tests in particular) see the website of the French Embassy in Morocco.

Can we travel or not?

Technically, it is still possible to travel to Morocco as long as you respect the rules. For Michel and Marie-Madeleine, the curfew or restrictions on the three cities (Marrakech, Casablanca and Agadir) are not really an issue. ” Once in Morocco, there is no particular problemtells Michel. There are rules you must follow, but you can still travel. When we left [après avoir été confinés dans un camping au printemps 2020, NDLR], even small businesses reopened. Be careful though: In Morocco, hospitals are less equipped than French hospitals, and private clinics do not have an unlimited number of beds. »

Another argument for caution: the development of the epidemic has already proved unpredictable. To avoid the risk of seeing maritime crossings being interrupted once again, and therefore being stranded in Morocco as in the spring of 2020, it is better to wait a bit before planning your trip.

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