Voting rights: does Aymeric Caron take the French for granted?

In 2017, on the set of the show C à vous, Aymeric Caron had mentioned the idea of ​​a “permission to vote”.

In 2017, on the set of the show C à vous, Aymeric Caron had mentioned the idea of ​​one


Permission to vote

In 2017, the environmental activist had in an essay developed the idea of ​​a “voting permit”. Aymeric Caron specified that he will not defend this proposal in June next year during the parliamentary elections within the New Popular Ecological and Social Union.

Aymeric Caron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon have not always been best friends in the world. In 2014, when he was a columnist in the program We Do Not Lie, the first blamed the second for spending his time hanging out on Parliament’s benches, and the second accused him in return of being a “vanker”. any rumor of putting on a show.

In 2017, timid approach. The head of rebellious France has acknowledged the “revolutionary” nature of veganism, and Caron gives him the doubt but keeps his distance. It must be said that the journalist is not only a vegan who fights as such against “death imposed on plates”, but a furious anti-speciesist, which means that he vigorously campaigns for “animal liberation” and recognition of equality between humans and animals. . Under these conditions, it is impossible to follow in the footsteps of those who do not honestly condemn animal suffering in all its modalities:

“Mélenchon’s refusal to condemn bullfighting and the presence of animals in the circus certainly convinced me to refrain from giving him my vote.”

In January 2022, new history. Such is life in politics. Aymeric Caron has come to consider that the ecological radicalism he calls for is no longer on the side of the Jadot format Greens, too soft, too medef, too growing for his taste – a simple ecology of adaptations when it would be necessary to “reconsider everything”. From now on, the only “hopeful” candidacy in his eyes is with Mélenchon. Hence the rally, the sycophancy … and the firm intention to run in the June parliamentary elections.

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Mission Complete: Since this week, Aymeric Caron is the official candidate of the New People’s Ecological and Social Union in the 18th District of Paris. A popular union whose unionist aspect consists in absorbing the small remnants of the left wing like the PCF, the PS and the Greens in the revolt of rebellious France. The same greens that he considered ecologically timid, but which are finally under the same banner as him. But maybe we should rather talk about a common dish.

Yet Mr Caron will actually submit to the vote for a good portion of his fellow citizens.

Is he aware that if he is elected, it might also be thanks to the votes of “uneducated and irresponsible” people? Unless he believes that only those voters who are most aware of Mélenchon’s social justice, radical ecology and animal rights will give him their conscientious and responsible voices, while the others, as good mentally defective as they are, will go quite naturally, quite stupidly, in the direction of candidates from the right and right wing parties? (And for him, of course, the court starts at LREM).

It must be said that the publication of his candidacy brought to the surface the comments he had made in 2017 on the right to vote. Just as there are driver’s licenses, just as one has to pass competitions or exams to become a doctor or lawyer, Aymeric Caron recommends establishing a “voting permit” in the form of a small MCQ intended to verify by each ballot that we have the knowledge related to the issues of the moment:

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The parallel between the citizen who votes and the expert in this or that field of knowledge, this parallel, which seems to make the right to vote completely natural in our society, stems from a false logic. Yes, you must train to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc. Yes, it is necessary to acquire knowledge and know-how. But in a democracy, just as one is not born a doctor, one is born a citizen somewhere. It is not forbidden to take an interest in politics and current societal issues, but it is the simple fact of living in the said society that gives us a voice, regardless of our position on the scale of knowledge. .

God knows that Mr Caron is never the last to condemn and flush out fascism, no matter where he is, in the name of freedom and democracy. We would like to follow him if it were not obvious that there is a freedom that is particularly abominable to him, namely ideas and opinions. It is not so much the cultural and educational level of the electorate that preoccupies him – a level that, incidentally, was thought to come from the beginning of our fabulous National Education and its glorious diplomas widespread in society. It is rather the powerful desire to see everyone come together for his ideas that motivates his curious desires for selection.

Oh, of course, when asked about this topic yesterday morning at Sud Radio’s microphone, Aymeric Caron hurried to make it known that the programmatic platform that in the future linked him to popular union did not include his little study of access to suffrage. But, he added, this system already exists since one has to be eighteen to vote. But what does the age criterion mean if not access to a certain level of maturity and knowledge? One day we will have to reconsider all this, that’s all. We have been warned.

In fact, we have known for some time that the anti-species apostolate of Aymeric Caron does not turn into a pleasant utopia, but into the most disturbing absurdity. The former journalist is fighting for the establishment of a “bio-democracy”, where the senate next to the National Assembly would be replaced by a “natural assembly”, where experts from the animal kingdom would sit to look after the interests of the animals.

In this perspective, the permission to vote is never more than a means of calibrating the electorate in order to achieve a national assembly of experts representing human interests, in perfect harmony with its delusions and authoritarian ideology. For, of course, most people, except for himself and a few hand-picked lucky ones, like their animal counterparts, do not have sufficient intellectual resources to know what is good for them.

Obviously obsessed with an aggravated form of political biomimetics, unless it’s a matter of societal animalocentrism, Aymeric Caron certainly takes us for poor little defenseless animals and would see himself as a shepherd. It promises.

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