what changes for your travels since February 15th

In France, the period of validity of the vaccination certificate and the recovery certificate has been reduced from six to four months. A simple negative test no longer provides access to most public places.

For travel to France

The bill establishing the “vaccination passport”, passed by the National Assembly on 16 January, entered into force on 24 January. This device, which follows the health card, does not change the travel conditions of persons who have been vaccinated or immunized following an infection. For the non-vaccinated, on the other hand, the negative test is no longer accepted anywhere or almost. The proof of vaccination and the certificate of recovery are the only two documents that provide access to most public places (interregional transport, restaurants, museums, etc.). It applies to all French people aged 16 and over. Children aged 12 to 15 years remain subject to the health card and can therefore continue to use a negative test.

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The places covered by vaccination passes are the same as those already covered by health passes. For your free time it is:

  • From tourist accommodation such as campsites and holiday centers, with a single check at the start of the stay. In it hotels, customers do not have to present a vaccination passport unless they have access to activities listed by law (restaurant, bar, gym, swimming pool, spa, etc.). It is not obligatory for room service nor for breakfast if it is only available to hotel guests;
  • From restaurants and bars ;
  • From interregional public transportExactly cars long distance, the fly (only domestic flights, those to Corsica and overseas territories remain subject to the health card) and train (TGV in Oui, Ouigo, Intercités and night trains). Non-vaccinated persons can still use means of transport, provided they have a compelling family or health cause and have a negative test under 24 hours old;
  • From elevators ;
  • From ships and cruise ships ;
  • That hobbies (cinemas, museums, performance halls, etc.).

In order to maintain the validity of the vaccination card, it is necessary to be up to date with your vaccination against Covid-19. Since January 15, French people over the age of 18 who have not received a vaccine booster seven months after their last injection (two doses) or Covid-19 infection have had their health passes deactivated. From 15 February, this period will be reduced to four months (3 months for eligibility for the revocation, plus 1 month extra time to complete the revocation). The page monrappelvaccincovid.ameli.fr, created by Health Insurance, allows you to know the expiration date of your passport if you do not make the reminder.

Note: When you receive a booster dose, wait seven days before activating the new QR code. What should you do if you have been infected with Covid-19 after your vaccination? “Individuals who tested positive for Covid-19 before being able to receive their booster dose can use their proof of health [c’est-à-dire leur test positif, NDLR] so their ‘hygiene pass’ remains valid while awaiting recall. It is nevertheless recommended to do your booster from three months after your infection“, Details the government’s website. From 15 February, this resumption certificate will be valid for four months (instead of six).

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For trips abroad

While the rules are changing at the national level, they remain independent of those regulating travel in Europe and elsewhere in the world. In the European Union, the validity of the vaccination certificate since 1 February 2022 is limited to 270 days (nine months) according to the complete vaccination plan. The European Commission specifies that this is a maximum duration: some states may decide to reduce it further, like France therefore, from 15 February (four months instead of nine).

Some people, especially those who were vaccinated between seven and nine months ago, could still require their vaccination certificate for their travels to the EU … but not to France. Outside the European Union, the period of validity of the vaccination certificate (but also of the recovery certificate) depends on each country. In order to enter Israel, for example, it is necessary that the last dose was administered less than 180 days (six months) before entering the territory. It is important to check the applicable rules in each country by consulting our map or France Diplomatie website.

Published on January 14th, this article is subject to regular updates.

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