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It’s not always fun to adopt a little puppy. Even if you share sore moments of complicity, also think about the period when your baby will not be potty trained. Fortunately, there are solutions to overcome the problem of peeing on the carpet.

There are several models of dog trainers: some consist of a simple mat, while others have rather high edges. In any case, they are very effective in collecting urine and preventing liquid from leaking onto the floor. In addition, each dog training mat tray has a non-slip bottom, intended for parquet, tiles or carpet. Are you going to welcome a little puppy soon? In order for his arrival to go as smoothly as possible, buy a dog trainer now that you will place in a strategic location. It’s the best way to teach your puppy that it should not defecate anywhere. Since it is not easy to choose the ideal model, we have written a comparison with the most practical educator buckets! Browse it now to find the right toilet for your little fur ball.


  1. The most practical
  2. Good value for money
  3. the biggest
  4. Easiest to clean
  5. The lightest

The particularly absorbent Trixie puppy toilet

Easy to clean, this puppy toilet teaches baby dogs to relieve themselves in a certain place. They are large enough for a puppy to sit comfortably, they are light and easy to move around. In addition, you can change the mattress in a few seconds. This dog trainer is made of non-toxic plastic and is resistant to bites and scratches. You can clean it with a sponge soaked in lukewarm water and vinegar. Available in several colors, this dog trainer mat is very discreet and fits easily into your home.

Vadigran puppy trainer, with 7 refills

This dog toilet tray has a neutral color, which makes it very discreet in all types of interiors. The stand comes with 7 replacement mats, very easy to set up. It is actually enough to wedge them by cutting them between the plate and the top frame. You can place this non-slip tray on all types of floors, tiles such as parquet, carpet or rug. The back of this exercise mat is easy to clean with soapy water and resists bites.

Rosewood Square Leak-proof puppy trainer

This baby dog ​​toilet tray measures 54 x 54 cm. It is therefore large enough to let dogs find the position that suits them best. Since it has a non-slip base, it remains very stable even when the animal arrives at it with momentum. Made of odorless and non-toxic plastic, it is an easy to clean accessory. This puppy box comes with two highly absorbent mats. As for its boundaries, they are high enough to prevent overflow, but remain low enough to allow small puppies to pass over them.

Iris Ohyama puppy training tray with rubber bottom

This dog trainer consists of a tray with a grid. In this way, the liquids in the bottom of the tank are evacuated without the bearings becoming damp. The tray also has raised edges, which allow the puppy to lean up, while preventing overflow. Your little dog will be able to access it without any problems because one of the edges is lower than the others. With no corners for dirt to settle in, this toilet box is easy to clean with a sponge soaked in vinegar.

Pawise Pee puppy trainer, with double lock closure

This square box contains absorbent mats that collect the puppies’ urine. Mats are easy to put on and take off. In addition, they remain in place once installed, as the container has a double locking system. In addition, this mat holder has non-slip rubber feet. It not only scratches the floors but also remains very stable in any case. Finally, it has a very smooth finish, with rounded edges, which makes it easy to clean.

Why buy a dog trainer?

By buying a dog trainer you can limit the damage to your rug or your beautiful clean floor. This type of tray is actually meant to collect the urine from young puppies that are still incontinent.

In addition, the trainer tray is very effective in teaching puppies not to pee anywhere! It is a comfortable place for them, usually soft and dry under the pillows, and it encourages them to make stools.

This type of trash can will really make your life easier! You save a lot of time because the cleaning is fast and efficient.

How to potty train your dog?

If you are adopting a two-month-old puppy, go through the “potty training phase”. It is a learning process that requires patience and tenderness!

First, it is important to establish a routine with your pet. Always take it out at the same times: in the morning, after meals, in the evening. During the first few weeks, it even needs to be taken out at night. In fact, puppies do not have a bladder large enough to hold on all night.

Keep him on a leash during the small daily excursions so that your puppy does not wander away and be distracted by his surroundings. If he soothes himself, caress him and praise him warmly.

When you are at home, always keep an eye on your puppy. If he starts circling and sniffing at the floor, get him out right away. On the other hand, if you do not have time to intervene and an accident occurs, do not scold the animal! You risk traumatizing him. After a few weeks, your fur ball will understand that it may only be relieved outside.

A dog trainer can be a great help during this difficult time! It teaches the animal to relieve itself in a certain place.

How do you choose your dog trainer?

In order to choose the ideal toilet tray for your dog, it is important to take into account several criteria. First and foremost, the box should be large enough for your pet to calm down. Dogs like to turn around several times before doing their business. If your puppy does not feel comfortable, he will not use the box!

If you have a very small dog, also make sure that the edges are low enough for it to climb into the box. Note that the edges remain important: they prevent liquids from flowing on the ground.

In addition, it is advisable to choose a container with a non-slip base. It is also necessary to choose toilets that are easy to clean, without any roughness, where dirt can get stuck. If the dog trainer is dishwasher safe, that’s a great benefit!

From when can you use a trainer box for your dog?

You can use a dog trainer as soon as your little hairball arrives. Generally, puppies in their new family arrive at the age of two months. It is therefore at this moment that it becomes necessary to take the educator’s matriculation exam!

Of course, the puppy will not immediately understand how it works. You will have to be patient over days or weeks to teach him to use it. When the animal is completely clean, you can remove this tray. It will then be used occasionally if you e.g. must be away all day or if your sick doggie can no longer hold back before coming outside.

How to maintain a dog trainer?

If the dog trainer has mats, put them in the washing machine as soon as they are soaked with liquid. Note, it is important to have several mats in reserve! You will be able to put a new one on as soon as the dirty part is dirty.

Then clean the dog trainer tray with a sponge soaked in white vinegar. This solution will remove all bacteria and remove odors! You can also use soapy water before rinsing thoroughly with clean water. Then wipe the walls with a microfiber cloth before laying a dry rug or bedding.

In general, puppy trainers have a smooth surface and do not include angles or rough edges. They are therefore very easy to clean.

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