Amber Heard accuses the actor of being jealous of this Fantastic Beasts star

As its third week of the resounding trial opposite Johnny Depp to Amber Heardthe latter accused his ex-husband of having been jealous of this actor of Amazing beasts.

A charge more serious than it seems

Undoubtedly, The Amber Heard / Johnny Depp trial is one of the star trials that has excited the public and the press the most. In addition to even Johnny Depp’s stature, which on its own can explain why this lawsuit is so passionate, part of this interest naturally comes from the various accusations, often very serious, that the two former spouses are swinging in the face. years now.

As a reminder, it all started when actress Amber Heard, in the middle of the #MeToo movement, accused Johnny Depp, whom she was married to between 2015 and 2016, of domestic violence. The actor denied the abuse and also accused Heard of various assaults. This week, Amber handed over Heard a shocking and miserable testimony in which she explained that Johnny Depp allegedly raped her with a bottle.

While the court will have to judge the accuracy of the facts reported by each party, the two actors and their teams of lawyers refine their strategies for tipping the jury member. Those who have already participated in American lawsuits in movies and series know that in the United States, a country where Puritanism remains strong, Morality in private life is crucial during a trial.

While Amber Heard recently tried to demonstrate that Johnny Depp was a bad father to the two children he had with the French singer Vanessa Paradis, Depp has previously accused Heard several times of being unfaithful during their marriage, including to billionaire Elon Musk and actor James Franco (Deuce). The latter has also recently given up testifying in favor of the actress.Aquaman.

Either way, Johnny Depp’s strategy seems to have hit a wall since Amber Heard’s defense therefore accuses the star of The Pirates of the Caribbean of jealousy. According to Amber Heard, she had often quarreled with him because he accused her of having sex with a star in the saga Amazing beastsand not just any other, as it’s the British actor Eddie Redmaynethe interpreter of Norbert Dragonneau, the protagonist of the new cycle of JK Rowling: “We quarreled. He accused me of sleeping with Eddie Redmayne.

Thus, the defense of Amber Heard, first scratched by several revelations in recent weeks, could very well be consolidated with the juries of these latest charges. This is for two reasons: First, by accusing Johnny Depp of jealousy, she offers a context that promotes domestic violence and sexual violence, which she attributes to her ex-husband. Accusations that seem to confirm Jennifer Gray’s recent work (sexy dance), who was in a relationship with Depp between 1988 and 1989, and portrayed a man “wildly jealous and paranoid“.

So, above all, we must remember the context in which this trial takes place. Johnny Depp has filed a lawsuit against Amber Heard, who she accuses of ruining her life and careerand demands $ 50 million in compensation. It must be said that the actor is boycotted almost everywhere in Hollywood and that he was given back licenses The Pirates of the Caribbean and Amazing beasts. If Johnny Depp’s alcoholism at the time of filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge has been heavily chronicled, Johnny Depp’s alleged jealousy of Amber Heard and his alleged relationship with Eddie Redmayne, whom she met on the set of The Danish girlcould have resulted in inappropriate behavior from Gellert Grindelwald’s previous interpreter during the filming of the first two parts of the saga from which he was fired. In other words, the actress and her lawyers will then be able to try to demonstrate that Johnny Depp has had inappropriate behavior on various footage, which has led to Hollywood doors being closed to him.

It remains to be seen what Johnny Depp will respond to these new allegations. The last week of the trial will be crucial and there will be many other revelations.

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