“It’s neither a gift nor a poisoning”: Jean-Michel Blanquer’s first words after his investment in Montargois

The Minister ofEnational education, Jean-Michel Blanquer (LREM / Renaissance), candidate in the parliamentary elections in the fourth constituency Loiret (Montargis), was past Friday, May 6, at the beginning of the evening in Orléans. Time to come back, for La representative’, about his election intentions. Maintenance.

Jean-Michel Blanquer, how and why were you “parachuted” into this fourth district of the Loire?

The choice of Montargis corresponds to a choice of territory, which due to its location has great potential thanks to the already existing networks. Especially highways and railways. Its economic potential can be further confirmed. I see this candidacy as an asset more than a problem. The spirit of my candidacy is support for the President of the Republic, but also unity, harmony, balance at the local level. Society is very divided; we must be pragmatic with plans for people.

You’re talking about pragmatism. What would be the first files you would work on for Gâtinais?

We need to pay close attention to young people. I am thinking of the opportunities for higher education that we could create in Montargis. I would like to succeed with the local board of directors in attracting one or two higher education institutions.

“Higher education, medical desert, 4G …”

Do you have any specific ideas in mind?

Yes, as I have a past in this field as Minister and Director of a major school. I’ll talk about that later. There is also the issue of the medical desert and our ability to improve health problems in this part of the Loiret. It would be necessary to succeed in attracting doctors. I also want to pay special attention to rural areas with 4G. Parliamentary elections are a national matter. It is important to say that we want a majority for France. This will make it possible to move forward with a president who knows how to handle crises. And I followed him.

“There will be no disagreement” in Montargis

“It’s not the easy choice”

To fully understand your nomination, did you target this constituency, was it imposed on you, or did you imagine yourself somewhere else?

I really wanted this district because I believe that this southern part of Paris has significant assets. In addition, National Rally made 52%, that worries me. So it’s not the easy choice. When we talk about skydiving, we have the impression of sending someone to a light sector. This is not the case.

The yellow vests were very active in Montargois, RN took the lead in the first round of the presidential election. Is it a poisoned gift?

It is neither a gift nor a poisoning. It is rather a real challenge. The purpose of the political struggle is not just to do light things. For five years I have been implementing structural reforms for national education. I like moving things forward.

Is the name of your deputy already known?

I’ll find out next week with my followers. It will have a local anchorage.

How would you like to organize your campaign?

I’ve already been here for a good portion of the last week. And I will be very present next week. I want a van to cross the villages and meet the citizens. But it is necessary to secure the current affairs of National Education.

“I do not project myself into defeat”

Can you imagine a defeat in June next year?

We must first imagine the victory. When it comes to campaigning, it is to win. I am in a state of mind of success.

If you lose, what do you want to do?

I do not project myself into defeat.

Next week you will still be MinisterEnational education?

It is not defined as I speak to you. It is normal for the President of the Republic to take time to form the government. I want to be there or I do not want to be there. Either way, I support it.

In Montargis, an arranged marriage around the communist candidate Bruno Nottin, to weigh against RN, LR and Jean-Michel Blanquer

Interview by Nicolas Da Cunha

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