[Millau] The great human adventure experienced by two Millavois at the Marathon des Sables

3rd sand marathon for Sébastien Da Costa

RACE Sébastien Da Costa completed his third sand marathon, 250 kilometers on foot in five days in the Moroccan desert.

“He did it”, as we are used to saying in sporting matters. This term refers in this case to Sébastien Da Costa, who completed his 3rd marathon of the sands a few days ago. A test which, as the name suggests, takes place in the Moroccan desert, but which, contrary to its name, represents not only the distance of the marathon to be covered in one go, but the 250 kilometers to be covered in five days, which explained to us by those interested in an earlier edition (J de M of 03/10/2022). A third edition, which represented a first for him as he was used to attending this event with his father, Jean, the latter now retired had decided to lift his foot and not attend this event. After all, he was present Thursday night at OKFé, where Sébastien Da Costa had gathered his partners to discuss his epic in the Moroccan desert.

Sandstorm for 3 days

It is true that I dreaded this loneliness during the race, especially on the first stage and the longest, the one of 80 km. It was hard the first few kilometers and then we adapted easily. It was more troublesome on the long one where we run for 16 hours for me and especially at night. I went to the bottom to look for resources, and I was thinking in particular of the children of the Roseau Association, for whom we are running at the moment. But it’s true that I missed my father’s company a lot in those moments, but I took a step and I’m glad I’ve reached the end on my own. “. The loneliness existed during the race, but the rest of the time, during the bivouacs in the evening, Sébastien Da Costa teamed up with his three teammates as in 2017 with two people from Toulouse and another Millavois, Jérôme Resseguier. And at this level wishes our interlocutor to emphasize the excellent atmosphere that prevailed within the training, especially when for 3 days out of the 6 that the event lasts, a sandstorm came to put a little more pepper in the adventure. ” During the night, the cold with the sand made it difficult to rest. The nights were really cool compared to 2017. This was the only downside this year explains Sébastien Da Costa. Words confirmed by his roommate, Jérôme Resseguier, who recognizes ” it was harder to rest “. This did not prevent the latter from performing excellently as Millavois cared long distances with a lot of elevations, he took especially the Diagonale des Fous, ranked in the top 50 of the event by finishing in a very nice 43rd place.

The team with Sébastien Da Costa on the left and Jérôme Resseguier on the right

Sébastien Da Costa, on the other hand, is number 299 out of 801 ranked runners. ” I got 140 places compared to 2017. And even though I suffered a lot more mentally than physically, I’m happy to have won my final medal. I also remember the excellent atmosphere and the solidarity that prevailed in our team. So the team and in particular our two riders from Millavois are ready to leave again. So far it is not on the program, but the story of the race, as Sébastien Da Costa told his brother, gave him some ideas. So why not find the two brothers in two or three years at the start of the Marathon des Sables? It’s not impossible. For now, Sébastien Da Costa is preparing to take on the start of the 50th edition of the 100 km Millau, which for him will be his 10th participation in this equally legendary event for long-distance runners. As for Jérôme Resseguier, he will return to his favorite playground, which is trail running, especially in the high mountains.


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